Are Jade/Sandstone Skins only available to PCMR Buyers?


T4R, I saw a guy playing as Jade Behemoth the other day and found out after the match that the skin wasn’t up for sale. Are the new behemoth skins a timed exclusive for people who bought the PC monster race edition?


Yes. However, there is no Sandstone skin currently, so it is just the Jade one that is limited-time exclusive.


Sandstorm skin ? Oh ****…


I bought Jade but it was on ps4


…I couldn’t resist


Somebody was going to, it was delaying the inevitable xD


how come it is already on xbox and ps4 when behemoth 1st came out


That’s a good question.


Sandstone isn’t out, for anyone.

Jade is PCMR exclusive for 30 days ON PC.

Xbox and PS4 can buy it now.

The only people who can’t have it are non-PCMR PC owners. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sigh, yay more console exclusive. It’s so great that they get all the new maps and skins first…

Then again… we get the expansions and patches first on PC… Actually… not sure how I feel about that… can we give those back?