Are hunter's / monster's perks bonuses stacked or not?


Or they are not, meaning if you use slot 1 and slot 2 of the same item, it doesn’t give any extra benefit to the already highest.

I wanna make sure, so that I invest the silver keys properly. We can’t refund the keys lol.


They do get stacked


Perks stack! If you grab movement for all three perks you’ll be a hot tamale!

Note perks and wildlife buffs don’t stack. It’ll take whatever value is higher.


hey thanks for your reply man , mizx and The_Specialist, wow, in that case its another ball game, so many things we can do ! :smiley:


It’s great, I take full leadership and command perks with Emet and his recharge is insane, and I can get at least 6 heal bursts with Mechanized Recharge.


Lennox plus 4x damage and 16% damage increase…


Actually; if you take 16% damage increase as Lennox/Blitz Markov and get to 4x damage, is that 4x damage + 16% of the 4x damage?


Is it the original damage + 16% of that 4x?


Yes, quite of few Hunters have had the pleasure of running into Speedster Bob!


i believer its off of base value and any additions are enhancments after the fact.

But, you get a whole lotta damage, mix it with a proper “Beam Team” just watch that monster health and armor melt away.

OH wait… im a monster player… I mean… Grrr… Graw.GRAHAHAHAHAh grooooor… RAWR… Munch munch…


haha speedster bob, but bob would still be a slow eater


When you can be on the other side of the map in seconds… its no worry, Just dont get greedy! eat one wildlife and move!