Are Hunter roles too defined? Should we get some role blending in classes?


I’m interested to see what you guys think.

To elaborate, maybe we get some assault that can sacrifice his health and give it to others, and then shoot the monster to regain health. But his counter balance would be that he does less damage then other assaults.

Or maybe a medic that can put up a wall as a shield and stop projectiles instead of the shield we know now.


We already have hunters with predominant secondary roles! Haven’t you noticed?


I’m talking about a more extreme variance. And no supports doing assault damage doesn’t count.

Especially when their main role is to be utility in support of their team.


Classes are really they are,you know. I don’t see a need to do what you’re proposing, really.

Besides, making hunters worse at their main role makes it harder to balance a group to be effective. Some people would say that it’s happening already. I’ve seen it happen in other games too.


I’m against the idea. The more you cross character class abilities, the less important teams become. Like destiny, each class can fend for themselves so your team comp doesn’t matter.

I really like depending on other classes to do specific jobs. It means that one horrible player can torpedo you’re whole team, but I like that challenge. Everyone is important.


Probably just dreaming, this was a little far fetched I’ll admit.


You give me a support, trapper, or assault that heals, and I’m done (I will rage quit!).


What about a medic, support and assault with domes Kreygasm


And a trapper with cloak.


Val is borderline support, which could explain her borderline shitty heals.
Bucket is a mix of trapper and assault but lacks any support abilities.



Support basically is the mixed role. Each one has abilities that work best when in tandem with one of the other players. Hank and the Medic, Cabot and the Assault, Sunny and the Trapper. Then there’s Bucket, who doesn’t fit into this mold.

In Nest at least, his abilities are best used separate from the team altogether. In Hunt, he is best for when the team is NOT coordinated, it seems. His UAV compensates for a poor Trapper, his damage output compensates for a poor Assault.


Oh god… They could… create domes to where they pinch the monster through time and space… or split Monsters in half… O_o


I like when I’m monster and the team has a rogue bucket. Sneak pounce, finish him off. Crack egg, slaughter the rest.