Are game devs allowed to talk about games they are working on with their families?


I’ve always wondered if a game dev is allowed to talk to their family about games they are working on if it’s in development. I know devs are usually not allowed to tell the public about games they are bringing out later. But is there a rule that says you can’t tell anyone about certain things you are working on? Incase it gets out.


It’s probably don’t tell anyone. It will get complicated otherwise. If I’m wrong, Devs, can I marry your sister or something and become your brother in law?


If they have signed an NDA then technically no, they wouldn’t legally be able to discuss the game with their families.


I imagine it’s probably different for each game/developer, but I imagine some would definitely be able too.


I assume the NDA they sign would apply to anyone who isn’t part of the project.


Like, the guys working on Call of Duty. They can’t tell anyone, it’s such a secret that they’re making a new one every year.


This. NDA tells you not to talk about the project to anyone.


Although considering it’s family , nobody would really be able to find out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good thing i’m not a game developer then cause i would tell my family everything xD


“The new monster we’re working on is sooooo badass!”

“But I can’t talk about it.”


That made me laugh cause that’s probably what i would say xD


Me too, but if that were my spouse I’d be extremely frustrated. :confounded:


not sure if I’m an offensive person or there’s something fishy going on here.

If wasworking with the monster team I’d be like telling my boyfriend, "guess what badass monster, we’re working on? " and then he’ll just look at me with this look odisbelieve on his face. cause he doesn’t even play video games.

So I’ll probably talk to my sister because games are awesome, and she’d probably be like.

Daisy : "you gone asked me to g guess despite telling me anyways, I’m not gonna guess. "

me : “its gonna be flashy and just screams fabulous

trust is broken, walks away slowly.


Not sure, it was unnecessary in my opinion. But not worthy of a flag. :confused:


In pretty much every job there are aspects you’re not allowed to discuss with others.


Technically no, but we do it anyways.


How would people find out any way if they did breach?

Hey Barb, just calling in. I was just curios as to whether your Husband Vick told you anything about our recent project over dinner er something. We’d REALLY want to know so we can terminate him from his job and sue him back into the stone age. Now you have a good one and oh MAKE SURE to call me back on this later, chow!


Wrong. You have already told your family that you are working on a new Monster :stuck_out_tongue:


No way you can find it, unless it gets to press somehow.

But NDA strictly says not to talk about the project you are working on aside the people who are working with.


Uh, I can explain!