Are evolve servers down?


I’m trying to play multiplayer and it keeps saying connection error and check your internet connection…but I have and it connected and at full speed…but still no multiplayer…help? :frowning:


And now my behemoth is gone and all my DLC… :frowning:


Contact a dev/mod


DLC? Try unlinking/relinking your My2K account.


How do I do that? :frowning:


Same here, i keep getting that error


What are you playing on?

If PC, maybe try to uninstall/reinstall the DLC from the library section. Just right click it, click on properties, click on the DLC tab, and uncheck the DLC pack. Then run the game, close it, and reinstall it using the same method above (just check it).

If not on PC, or if that doesn’t work, then dunno.


Same here, But my ps4 is doing that with my other games too.