Are Evolve servers down at the minute on Xbox?


I have been trying to get a game now for about 2 hours and just have a loading screen with the one same guy getting put in then taken out of the lobby ever few minutes.

anyone else having issues?cheers


I’m not having any issues. Played 3 games already.


are you on xbox i take it?


Yes indeed :slightly_smiling:


I played a game earlier and won, but at the end something screwed up and I had to back out to go back in to see my points gained and havent been able to join anyone since, So no idea what the story is, The xbox is online, I have people online in the friends list and had an invite from Im guessing that random plyer that kept popping in and out of the lobby, but still couldnt join him on invite, I also tried hunt as a hunter and quick play and nothing works, turned off the console twice and still nothing, hmm might need to reset the internet but cant see how that would help


Xbox live seems to be fine. :confused:


It’s good for me!

Must be your connection, is the last final assumption. Check your router and unplug for a minute then stick it back in. Reconnect. You should be fine. Or quit the game and come back in.

I always seem to have issues when I’m playing as Kala. :kala:


Yea I tried the turning it on and off, Everything else I have online seem to be working fine as normal, I will try plugging the xbox out then try the modem reset afterwards, I will see how it goes :slightly_smiling: cheers


Of course! Always happy to help. C:

Hope this goes well for you.


Plugging it out seems to have resolved the issue :slightly_smiling: I can play now, I turned it off previously but not plugged out so I preserved the issue like an idiot thanks again for all the feedback :slightly_smiling:


Glad to hear it. :slightly_smiling:

You happy for me to close this thread then?


As I said before, happy to help.

And indeed, I am very pleased my techniques worked for you. C:



Closed the thread as the problem has been resolved. If the issue comes back then PM me and I’ll open this up again. :slightly_smiling: