Are Evolve Going To Be At EGX?

Since its the only big gaming event happening in a close distance of me. I was curious if TRS or 2K were going to be representing Evolve considering they were at every other gaming event I had no chance of going to.

What does EGX stand for, if I may ask.

I have no idea myself! I just know its a gaming event in the UK.

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1: It looks amazing as hell.
2: There’s nine day left, so either they haven’t announced it yet or they are not going.
They probably would have announced it already but that’s just me saying.

That’s what I am assuming which saddens me because I have a damn you tube pass to it as well!

Daily perks of being a youtuber

Euro Gamer Expo. Don’t think we’ll be there.

1: Thank you for the clarification
2: Awwww
3: What’s a “Growlcaster”?


As DB said, EGX is the Eurogamer Expo, a UK gaming Expo that is public visitor centric than trade show. Pretty much the UK Gamescom.

Shame there will be no EVOLVE presence, could have been a good opportunity with EGX now held at the NEC Birmingham andva larger venue with a focus on reports.

Ah well

So it’s like a UK version of E3?

More Gamescom as there are no big platform briefings but has game and developer sessions and a chance for visitors to play demos of 2015 releasing titles.

Have covered it last 3 years and its an amazing event to meet up with fellow Gamers and promote both the UK games Industry and positive gaming.

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Thats a shame ;_;

I would also be interested in what a Growlcaster is.

A Growlcaster is a DB Sinclair