Are devs having technical difficulties


Ive been reading through the forums and i see that people on ps4 and pc do not have the new maps and no one has the wraith voodoo skin, so i was wandering if the devs are having technical difficulties



Devs are like:


I have the new maps on PC.


Well you are the first person ive seen say they have it
And im still waiting on my skin as well


Does anyone have the wraith skin yet


I do not think anyone has the wraith skin yet. I have the maps though.

The wraith skins however are not just TRS though. You need to have a 2k account as well and they have to communicate with each other to get this completed.

All other skins have come on time, and actually, usually early by a few days. I am ok with waiting for a free skin as long as I get it. And I better! :smile:

Just enjoy the new challenge and you will get what is coming to you in due time.


I don’t mind waiting but i was just making sure I wasn’t the only one