Are community challenges scheduled, or just randomly appear?


As in are they once a week? Or maybe only when TRS decides? Is there a pattern to when they take place, as I haven’t been paying attention.


Last few have been announced on Thursday or Friday.


Is it going to continue like that? I’m just wondering if a dev mentioned anything. hint


I hope they mention it soon if they do. We just had two in a row, I’d really like for it to be a decently regular thing.


Nope, they just appear and someone happens to be checking the site.


Can we maybe use the POWER OF THE SUMMONING to maybe grab their attention for an answer? I don’t know any names or how to use the POWER OF THE SUMMONING.


Ehhh, let’s not. They get bombarded as it is, and I don’t see a reason to bug them. We’ll find out on Thursday morning!


Ok, fine. It’s not as if I wanted to see the POWER OF THE SUMMONING anyway, y’know. Ptthhh, but ok, I can wait…