Are any of the characters based on someone?


Just wondering if any of the characters are based on anyone…

I always thought Sunny was based off of Sunny Anderson

She changed her hair color to actually match Sunny’s Yu color… Not kidding

CRAZY RIGHT… jk sort of alike, dunno


Well, I remember that I read something about Lennox being like a pissed off Tony Stark, but obviously she wasn’t completely based on that. :slightly_smiling:


that would be amazing!


Griffin is based off the hunter that came out of the game in the movie jumanji





Yup there you go lol


That is pretty cool! Hot Damn!


lol. Who said that?


Not sure I don’t remember where I heard it. But I know its true, he’s based of van pelt


They actually look super similar!


Lennox is based on me if im a Grandma
Yep TRS can see in the Future

if my Kids hv a Bully at School i will kick his Ass whit my Thunder-Shield :stuck_out_tongue:

but damn that Griffin looks very Similar that Mustache O.O


Robin Wright was used as a reference for Ida Lennox

No one specific, but Crow was based off of Mongolian Eagle Hunters


SlabOMeat was used as the model for torvald

[size=4] Kappa, but maybe not kappa [/size]


nawww way! mind blown!


I didn’t know this! So awesome :open_mouth:


Yep, as a reference for an older woman that appears both powerful and beautiful.