Are any Abilities now worth 3 points before Stage 3?

Looks like the focus was to greatly decrease the damage of Abilities between 2 & 3, while granting a small to moderate increase in range, speed, etc. So I’m wondering, can any Monster still benefit from blitzing only 2 Abilities at stage 2?

I don’t know about going 3/3 at stage 2, but Behemoth really likes a 3 LB 1 Fissure and 2 rock/tongue as you see fit.

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2 words: Lava Bomb.


Great minds and all :smiley:

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I’ve been running 2 LB 1 RW at S1, 3 LB and 2 RW and either 1 F or 1 TG and I’ve been stomping teams… I love the new Behemoth.

Well, I still do 3x warp on the stage 2with wraith but I divide it up a bit more now like 2x abduct 1 sn or vise versa

And bobby is good with 3x lava at stage 2 and whatever you want after…

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Oh an I was wondering, what do you think about Supernova now? I’ve been using it and in cqc it’s been melting hunters.

You really shouldn’t take it befre stage 2 since you are very slow in it and the extra armor gives you some extra time

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I haven’t played too much Wraith personally but while I don’t think it’s garbage anymore, I feel abduct/WB are generally more useful. I still think SN is really easy to avoid by a good hunter team.

What are your thoughts on Behemoth, I personally love now because I can stomp people quite easily with his increased mobility. I also like Lava Bomb and have been using it more than Fissure because of its amazing DOT.

I feel that Behemoth did get a bit of a boost, but he still suffers from Hunters on the high ground. That being said though, with the changes to jetpacks dodging/climbing is a bit harder so it’s not as easy for Hunters to roach. I’ve only had a few hours under my belt from last night playing and I would like more personal data, but I feel hes a bit better, but I feel hes one of the easier monsters to counter atm (Still).

I’m hoping to get some more games in tonight to try some of these things out.

I do know that abduct/warp blast still works and stage 3 is more comfortable for wraith now that they changed supernova

I was using 3 lava bomb before the patch and I would disagree on putting 3 into it before stage 3 now. but each to their own as they say

Just tried Behemoth on Foundry. I too used to start with 3 Lava and Damage or Recharge perk. This time I went 2 Lava and 1 Fissure with Stamina perk. I’m just… I’m so happy :joy: I might actually be playing Bob on Maps where I otherwise wouldn’t have given him a second thought. Still a shame about Goliath thought :frowning:

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