Are Adaptions A Stage?


Are they like a stage 4, 5, 6? How do they even work themselves into that? Or are they higher than the stage 3 alphas?


Adaptions are non-canon


They aren’t canon, so they’re just regular Monsters.


But Matthew said that IF there were to be an adaption it would be this monster for the Ajax killer


What the fuck is an adaprion? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That wouldn’t be an adaptation, it would be the sixth Monster. The second reason Kala came to Shear.


It’s a secondary word for paranoia.


Sorry, what?


Omg, I just realized something. By the time they get to Kala’s adaption she could have something of MG’s adaption Gramp’s adaption and Wraith adaption!


Quote me, which one are you replying to?



She came to Shear to get Gorgon DNA, the mysterious last she got all the information from didn’t have Gorgon DNA nor the DNA of the unknown Monster.


It’s HNA :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, but it’s already been stated that if Torvald’s monster WAS to appear on Shear, Matthew would like for it to be an adaptation. Not Kala’s extra monster.

Also, how do we know that she came to Shear to get a sample of a sixth monster? Hell, how do we know she came to get a Gorgon sample?


She didn’t know that till now.


please, tell me more lol


I refer Elder Kraken to Gramps :stuck_out_tongue:


She’s been studying the monsters for a while, I think she knew.

  1. Never has Matthew confirmed the Ajax Monster or how it would be implemented if it ever was.

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble but no DLC characters are confirmed to be getting adaptations.


Everyone’s talking about adaptions and I’m just sitting here enjoying my old Bog Goliath until the end of time.

No, adaptions aren’t seperate stages.
It would require an extreme amount of stupidity for a stage 3 Monster to “evolve” into a different version of himself that starts at stage 1 all over again.