ArcticStorm's (Fan Made) Assault gordon version 2.0


Your medic has no way to stay alive and is even more combat oriented than slim who at least has something to escape with. Every medic needs an escape, in some way to stay relevant. You as a healer should not be trying to support people into doing more damage, but try and keep them alive, that is why i feel ablative decay is so incredibly bad. It feels more like a support ability like cabots but you have to be close for better damage. This would be op unless the people shooting did 50 percent less damage or something exorbitant like that. Their is a reason crows gun does so little damage, because shooting through armor even a little bit is op, but having the whole team do it is insane.



They don’t stack. THAT WOULD BE OP. Lol. And it is lower than vals medgun because her medgun just got a huge buff.

The cloak on laz isnt for getting away, it’s for reviving without the monster knowing.

Doing it with a marker would actually be more OP because imagine setting a marker across the map then using it when you end up the last man standing. You become impossible to track for the monster.

I’m loving your thoughts on it btw.



no really, tink about it. stage 3 monster, power relay, teleporter marker. the medic teleports away, monster goes to relay, then what does he do while its on cooldown.



Depending on the numbers, the ability could be cool. But I like the flexibility Paige has. Being able to “run away” while being untraceable isn’t tactical and doesn’t fit her.



some thoughts to what you said. the medic is the life sustaining force on the team. the theme to my tier 5 is all about risk vs reward. I try to make each character have the potential to do some damage but be penalized for it extremely. the side effects to the ablative decay is that it only last 5 seconds, then regardless if you miss or hit the ablative decay, all the medi trophy healing is disbled for 90 seconds I believe. so really its still a skill that is a work in progress, but I wanted to focus on the risk reward theme of this team. Try to look at it in game scenarios. yes you can do direct damage for 5 sec, but after the 5 seconds are up, the team must be cautious for 90 sec because the only healing available is the healing burst, which is similar to vals, on healing and cooldown. If the monster is just evasive for 5 secs and then engages right after, the team will have a hard time even fighting a stage one monster. and remember after the five seconds the monsters armor returns back to its original amount. I dont feel that it is op, if you have a scenario that Im overlooking that makes this character extremely OP, I will be glad to hear it, I might be overlooking somethings so im not sure.



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