ArcticStorm's (Fan Made) Assault gordon version 2.0


Gordon version 2 complete

I tried to make him feel less like a sniper, and more like an assault. let me know what you think.


Assault gordon version 2.0


gordon version 1.0

constructive feedback needed at the link below please, leave all comment in the large discussion link below.
more fan made tier 5 hunters click this link: Arcticstorm321 (Fan Made) NEW TIER 5 CONCEPT PLUS VIDEO DISCRIPTIONS

shout out to @SledgePainter , @Spartanplayer45 , @MidnightRoses , @Galgus , @Time_stops_now , and @The_Mastermind , for all the constructive critisism you guy gave, I apprieciate all of the creativity you guys have.

The moderators for the forum

Nice to see you continuing to work on more idea’s. ^.^


thanks, its just fun to see everyone in the forums work together to keep evolve going. I also enjoy how this game is actual listening to their forums unlike other big game companies like this one. Thanks for the support @Shin


does he have thorns for hair ? :smirk:


lol no, I gave him a spiky hair design. like static shock.


Is this the hunters quest app? I haven’t used the apps yet lol


no, and i havent either


Maybe make the beam slowly follow the monster so that it can still be damaging but not all encompassing. Like if he jumps away, the laser will slowly follow him, but not be constantly on him. The blind is way to long but the flashbang idea is still pretty cool.



Hope you don’t mind me posting my ideas here for y’all to comment.

:medic: Paige :medic:
“Did somebody page for a medic?”

-Neuralizer Rifle
Paige fires rounds into the monster that introduces a specialized drug into it’s body, putting parts of its nervous system into shock, temporarily causing it to deal less damage, move slower and cause its abilities to recharge slower.

Damage: 100
Rounds: 1
Reload time: 1
Effect Duration: 4 seconds
-decreases damage output by 15%
-abilities recharge 15% slower

+2%/+5%/+10% Duration

-Acts similarly to vals tranquilizer gun.

-Regeneration Field Generator
Paige takes a second to set and activate a regeneration field generator. Once in place, the regeneration field will slowly heal any hunters within its radius. Paige can place a maximum of 3 generators, with the oldest one automatically breaking if she wants to place more than 3. The regeneration Field Generator can be destroyed by the monster or by wildlife.

A good idea is to place the generator in places where you will most likely fight. Small passages, choke points, etc. Another good idea is to place them on high ground. This way, if you find yourself in a fight, you can escape to high ground to get some healing.

Radius: 10 meters
Heal Rate: 10% per second
Charge time: 16 Seconds
Capacity: 1600
Reload Time: 8 seconds

+2%/+5%/+10% Radius

-Paige’s generator appears as a green circle on the minimap and shows its healing radius and location.
-The Regeneration Field Generator wont start healing until it’s battery is at 20% (about 3.2 seconds)
-The regeneration field can heal multiple hunters at a time (think of it as a continuous heal burst) at the cost of it’s battery draining faster.

-Biomass Translocator
Paige’s Biomass Translocator has two different modes. The first mode allows Paige to warp to a hunter when needed. Allowing her to immediately get close to teammates for a quick burst heal or to create distance between her and dangerous situations. The second mode requires you to charge it before using it. The charged mode allows Paige to warp another hunter to her instead, possibly saving the hunter from the fight or bringing an already incapped hunter closer to revive away from the monster.

The downsides of her biomass translocator Is its cooldown and the time required to charge and use the device each time and can be interrupted should the hunter your targeting dies, if you look away from the target, or if you get knocked out of range. So use the device wisely and to your team’s advantage.

Range: 40 meters
Recharge time: 15 seconds

+2%/+5%/+10% Recharge

-An arrow appears above the hunter your targeting
-it takes 3 seconds to charge the translocator in order to warp a hunter to you.

Burst Heal (Class Ability)

Heal amount: 560
Radius: 5 meters
Cooldown: 22 seconds

-All numbers used in my creations are based off the actual numbers used in game by other characters for theoretical balance


The deal less damage with the neutralizer gun and have it recharge abilities at a slower pace is a incredibly cool idea. I do not think that the slow is a good idea, because of the repeat in how val already is. The regeneration field is probably a dev idea on how cool it sounds. Best idea i have seen for healing, the problem i see is the monster insta-killing it, but with the reduced damage he does from the neutralizer gun i could see people staying alive long enough for another to be placed and the warping for getting people out of a tight spot to make the heal effective. The teleport is cool to, but it would probably see abuse in some way. Maybe make the charge a little longer for warping to you, but yeah the idea and name have a shit ton of personality to me.


Before leaving my thoughts on Paige, I think it is best for you to make a new thread about your idea instead of posting it on someone else’s thread.

Neutralizer Rifle seems like an omnipotent weapon that can deal damage and weaken the Monster at the same time, so I love the concept. But the debuffs are too strong. Even though it has only 1 round in a mag, its reload time is very short to compensate it. Also, debuff duration is too long. I suggest you to remove damage / movement speed debuff and and debuff duration to 3~4 seconds. Without toning it down, Paige will be the Medic that can also do the Trapper’s work, and that is imbalanced.

Regen Field Generator. Is this a deployable that a player can place 5 of them, or just one? I’m confused. If it is just one, it is too weak, It is is five, then it is way too durable (Is Capacity the HP of the generator?). And what do the charge and reload time mean?

Biomass Translocator has a cool concept. It has a possibility to be abused and to be trolls’ method to piss people off, but it itself is great.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot. I’ve spent about 4 days on Paige. I’ve tagged your points

  1. vals traq gun does 50-60% speed deduction and forces the monster on the ground (kraken). So I figured it works work. However, because you did bring it up, I just thought about changing it to “-30% traversal regeneration” which is different enough to be noticeble while effectively doing the same job. Yes/no?

  2. at first the regeneration field started out as a medic version of “sound spikes” where it was a much smaller radius individually but could have five (to set up in different map locations) but decided that having a single one with a larger radius is much simpler. It also heals at Vals old heal rate so it is slow healing, but consistent and has potential.

  3. the Cooldown for the biomass translocator is the same Cooldown time the Lazarus device has. It’s low enough to be used multiple times in a fight if needed, but also long enough to prevent spamming.

Also, you probably didn’t notice this. But the heal burst numbers are different than normal too.

Paige’s heal burst heals 60% more, but has a 60% radius decrease compared to average. this is to supplement the slow healing the generator does, but also makes warping to/from a teammate required more often as the distance is much much shorter.

And yea, Paige is designed as a tactical medic and resembles playstyles closer to Lazarus where thinking is critical. Her generator, translocator, and heal burst can be used in many different ways depending on the situation.


You ninja’d me there. Lol.

  1. if you read my previous post that you ninja’d i do explain a little about it and compare it to val.

  2. it’s only the one, and capacity is the full battery capacity similar to the field drone that sunny has. I didn’t post HP because I have yet to get the HP of sunny’s drone and buckets turrets.

The charge time is how long it takes for its battery to charge like sunny’s drone, where as the reload time is the time you have to wait before you can place another one. I did that to prevent relocating the generator too often.

If you read my previous post, it was originally a much weaker item individually, but could have five. But I figured having the 1 would be simpler and more balanced.

  1. It pretty much can be. But the tactical advantage that can be gained from it is unique


I do not know if slowing down the monster and being able to cut his damage and cd is a good idea. I mean it seems omnipotent, but i was loving the damage and cd cut though. I mean you can not have all 3 or it would just be to good. You already have movement with the tele, so you have some basic survivability already with the added trapper doing his job of slows. Honestly i think it would need to be playtested accurately to see what you could get away with, in having all three. The traversal does seem a lot better than the speed slow though in terms of being fair. The problem comes in with behemoth and wraith who need those buffs to be relavent, behemoth needs the traversal or he can never get away, and wraiths damage would be weakened so if his mobility was taken away with the warps he would be out of luck.


That is actually a good point. Ill remove the “slow” in general. The other two are good enough.

Also decreased ability slow. It a now 15 instead of 30.


I like the medic, I think the neutralizing gun is doing to many things. Maybe you should choose one of the three abilities that it has and really have the gun focus on that aspect. The regen field is really cool, I kind of made something like that In the first medic I made a while back, Arsenic (check out below)

the biomass teleport… Honestly, I dont like, it doesnt feel like a medic ability, It will work extremely perfect on a support, when you through it on the medic it feel sort of out of place.

try giving your characters that you create a theme, this theme when designing them will keep them orientated to a certain skill type and make the moves seem more fitting to the character and less randomly thown in. Keep up the good work.

check out fan made tier 5, gordon’s team of hunters: ( Arcticstorm321 (Fan Made) NEW TIER 5 CONCEPT PLUS VIDEO DISCRIPTIONS )



Paige’s theme is a tactical medic. Her generator and translocator allow her to set up and keep a distance until needed. Using the translocator, she can quickly get to a hunter needing a heal burst. Or if a hunter gets incapped, pounced, or singled out, she warps them back to you. You can even stand within a regeneration field and warp them into it.

She feels like a medic, but not like a traditional medic. She’s in the same category as Lazarus. Lazarus’s cloak allows him to use his Lazarus device better, as does the translocator allows Paige to use the regeneration fields to the best advantage.

The biomass translocator can easily be a support ability, but Lazarus’s cloak is too. But that’s what makes her more tactical.

Like, cairas acceleration field could easily be either support or even trapper.


paige doesnt follow a theme though? her main weapon has too many effects, along with damage, seems too strong for a medic. the primary feels like a trappers weapon, the teleport feels like a support ability, and the AOE healing might not be as effective as you think, the monster will just destroy them.

I would say val is standard medic, laz trys to negate long term effects on the hunters, ciara is a self sustaining medic, slim is a damage dealing medic, this medic might fit in the category of a more support type medic, it has potential it just needs to stick to a direction and go for it


Thanks for your help. I hope I’m giving you some ideas for any future hunters you think of too

  1. paiges theme is about strategic placement.

  2. I did remove one ability. The weapon does less damage than vals sniper rifle (140 Damage) and even Lazarus’ rifle (30 Damage per round, 5 rounds).

  3. what do you say about Vals tranquilizer gun? Which does 60% Movement speed deduction and drags them to the ground.

  4. well, she IS a tactical medic.

  5. the Heal Rate is equal to vals original rate (160hp/sec) which is low , but has an Area of effect and can heal multiple hunters at a time. I did decrease the radius to 10meters but changed it to where you can have 3 out at once instead of the one which increases the effectiveness by increasing the overall AoE.

  6. Support characters are specifically designed to be multi-purpose with the character going more towards Offense, Defense or utility. What Paige does is that she’s primarily a medic with a utility based ability that’s designed to protect teammates (or herself) by keeping the situation under her control.


some thoughts
you made it 3 instead of one, but each one does the same amount of healing as the medgun that val uses. the aoe ability means that since it can heal multiple targets at once then the healing would naturally be less than vals medgun, not the same. Val can only focus heal so with a focused move, it focuses all the heal power on one target. For a Aoe skill, it trys to distribute it in a spherical manner which generally means less of the heal is getting to the hunter in need. Im not clear if it can be stacked or not to increase its effectiveness but if so then it would be just like Arsenics Medi trophies that he throws out. I would say that the teleport ability is just too strong to be on a medic, ik its to get away but then what is the cloak for on laz, it does the same thing but without feeling op. maybe make a dumbed down version of the teleport like she can only jump back to a position that she marks, so that way she can still teleport but also doesnt allow her to jump anywhere around the map like the yellow flash (naruto shippuuden)