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Arcticstorm321 talks about his new support “Diamond”
Background: Diamond is from a fresh new recruitment force that trains survivors who are willing to become a fighting force behind the hunters. When Cabot heard about her story of her family being killed off by the monster and leaving her alone in this world at a young age, He decided to give her the closure that she deserved, a way to settle the score. Now she has dedicated her life to never letting another one of these incidence happen to anyone else again. Diamond specializes in her ability to protect her teammates with a place to retreat when in need. Something she dreamed of ever since she was a little girl, a happy ever after.


I made this last week so it might be similar to slim’s spore move but I didnt know that last week when I made this board so please dont comment saying I copied slim’s move please. thank you

Here is the youtube discription of the support here for your entertainment:
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please feel free to share this along with my others

medic arsenic:
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trapper raiden: video is for iteration #1 which is the older version:
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Assault and Monster coming soon :smiley:


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I like a lot of these ideas actually. They seem genuinely interesting although the numbers and some of the effects have to be Toned down considerably. Removing all of the monsters armor for a duration is insane, it would need a FAT cooldown in order to compensate for that ability bigger then orbital. However if it instead drained the monsters Armor/Health overtime much like a poison effect… Well I dunno. Im not very good with these things. But you definately need to tweak those numbers!

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Updated page here: