ArcticStorm321 is streaming date: 9/30/15 1:00pm CDT


My twitch is live now

come check out gold hunters hunting in hunt 2.0, should be some interesting matches.

Arctic’s Twitch Stream


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Also you should put the link in the post.

watch here


it wont let me put up the link for some reason


You need to hyperlink the link, it bugs out with twitch


can you go to my stream and hyperlink it for me? I dont even know how to do it haha

the name is evolve gold unting w/ party chat by arcticstorm321


I updated my post for you


thanks so much your going to have to teach me how to do that one day :thumbsup:


I edited your post to show the link. Direct twitch links won’t work. Hyperlinks will. Best of luck streaming :slight_smile:


do you know how to hyperlink? can you teach me?


When you post there are icons above the words you are typing. You see a lasso, a ‘B’, an ‘I’ and in the next section a ‘link’ icon before the ‘quotes’ icon. Highlight a word/phrase you want people to click on, then click the ‘link’ icon and then put in your url.


ArcticStorm321 is streaming date: 9/30/15 1:00pm CDT

click here