I enjoy honest feedback and please share this, I put in alot of work on these and I am constantly improving them. If you enjoyed these please feel free to subscribe to my channel for the lastest pro evolve gameplay and concept art boards. Monster coming soon.

Thankyou for making such an awesome game turtle rock, I would hope to one day be able to be featured on your livestream friday events oneday :smile:


Assault Gordon


 Gordon wields a back mounted laser beam, the laser aids gordon precision and constant damage when there is clear line of sight. The laser cannon ressembles the traditional robotic technology created with the help of sunny. This assault will do constant damage and is able to switch to the sonic cannon to aid in punishing the monster. Generally the tactic is for fleeing monsters, to get the lock on it, the trying not to let the monster break the line of site. While in the dome, Try locking on to the monster first, the laser cannon will begin firing a steady beam of energy into the monster allowing Gordon to switch to the sonic cannon at close range. Line of sight is key. Keep obsticals clear between you and the monster is key for this constant damaging assault.

old version 1 assault concept video here:

Support Diamond

support concept video here:

Trapper Raiden

remake of trapper video coming soon
older trapper concept video here just for a sense of reference:

Medic Arsenic

remake of medic video coming soon
older medic concept video here just for a sense of reference:

please let me know what you guys think about these Tier 5 hunters
thankyou guys for the support and as always, stay cool.


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I like these…very well made.



anime much



Very interesting I would like to try them out especially medic and trapper

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Assault design looks a bit too much like Markov’s design, with those electric coils in back. Other than that all the designs look pretty dope



One thing: Diamond’s pheremone ability seems far too much like the Spore Cloud. And Ablative Decay doesn’t sound balanced- allowing Trapper to chip away at health is one thing, allowing the Assault, Support, Trapper and Medic to all get at it, even for a few seconds, is another.



@MidnightRoses yeah I designed diamond before they released the tier four hunter abilities, so that was just a coincident.
I generally made the ablative decay move for the behemoth because of his hp pool, but also wanted to design a move that was more risk reward. I wanted to design a group of hunters that have larger risk reward abilities for more strategic gameplay. The ablitive decay when used would deactivate the healing burst and medi trophy systems until the cooldown of ablative decay is done recharging. I think a team that would trade bypass armor for no future healing would be a nice trade off. It would make you only use the ability if your team knew for sure that you could get that potential damage on the monsters HP for 5 sec.

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oops LOL I had the old pictures up, Now they are updated to their most recent versions, sorry about that everyone.



A brief review.

Assault - Gordon

Laser Cannon

Torvald kind of bucks this trend, but generally Assaults are close range specialists.

For his part Torvald’s Mortars require leading and prediction against Monsters that are moving at all.

As such I’m hesitant to give an Assault a long range weapon without some gimmick - this kind of straightfire attack just feels more like a Support thing, who have more of a tradition of long range straighfire weaponry as a primary.

Not to mention one would think that range would necessitate making it weaker than other Assault gear like Markov’s Lightning Gun, not stronger.

The zoom also feels awkward as a mechanic, like the Assault would want to perch somewhere like a Sniper.

Sonic Boom Cannon

If this weapon really is so weak, I’d bet Gordons would just zoom in close range despite the difficulties - like how Snipers in TF2 go for close range quickscopes far more than they lead with the SMG.

It also seems to have the twin flaws of being needlessly exotic for a minor secondary weapon while, in function, acting just like a conventional Shotgun.

Something like a Sonic Boom cannon sounds, well, unique enough that it would deserve a primary slot with some kind of unique functionality.

Laser Overload

Frankly this sounds annoying annoying to play against as Monster or with as a teammate - especially if it were strong enough to be consistent.

It also seems very weird that an Assault receive such a purely defensive tool aside their class ability, while they are typically the team’s offense made manifest.

I suppose it could be used to help teammates escape, but that merely highlights how much it steps on the Support’s Cloaking Field tool.

Support - Diamond

Dual SMG

I preface this by saying that I find dual SMGs to be utterly ridiculous in practical terms, though that doesn’t immediately disqualify this concept.

If it were something mounted on the arm or some-such so that it could be feasibly reloaded in a sane amount of time, maybe, but I’d except longer reload as a downside for such a weapon even with some sort of auto-loader.

Not to mention the recoil, but at least that is somewhat accounted for.

Back to the weapon that is, Maggie’s SMG is accurate when you fan the trigger: would it be so for this weapon?

Given that Support weaponry tends to be long-ranged, this is rather mold breaking - though some measure of that is fine.

Pheremone Neutralization

So its like a Dust Tagging that stops smell?

Sounds solid, especially when paired with the Support’s cloak for a powerful defensive tool.

It is strictly defensive, but it is definitely in the Support’s traditional class role


Every Support but Sunny has some form of alternative damage option in their kit - and one could make an argument that the Jetpack Booster can function as one.

Given how defensive Diamond is already, I’d really expect her to have one. Two defensive options seems over the top.

(I should probably note here that I’d feel Sunny’s Drone shielding should be weaker, it should be destroyed in a single it, and that its placement should have a ~ 6 second cooldown.)

Functionally it is incredibly powerful, totally negating a Monster focusing someone and forcing them to walk away or get punished for nothing.

The duration seems rather extreme to this end; and it is far, far less elegant a design with far less counterplay than the pheremones.

Trapper - Raiden

Electron Sniper

This one feels familiar.

With recent events, it seems to heavily overlap the burst fire function of Crow’s weapon.

I don’t think illuminating the target would typically be much more than a minor gimmick, since shooting Monsters gives them stamina to flee and simply pinging them can already pinpoint their position.

So functionally it just feels too much like a copy of Crow’s weapon without the charged shot potential.

X-Thermal Goggle Scan

Very interesting, an option to negate sneaking on a cooldown.

I’m not exactly sure of the counterplay, but it seems both unique and viable as a tracking method.

However, it seems like it would make more sense to illuminate wildlife and sneak tracks in a smaller radius around Raiden for, say, 10 seconds to play better with following Tracks and potentially spotting the Monster while on its trail.

It would also make more sense as goggles that way.

If your not a fan of that modified design, I might take it for a revision of an old concept at some point.

I might take it regardless, though I’d prefer to have permission - design space is a precious commodity with Trapper designs.

Voltaic Cage

I like it, but it doesn’t quite feel like a cage at the moment - more like it is tiring the Monster with some modified Stasis or Tranq.

That doesn’t really matter to me though since Stasis has always been weird.

I think this could have a somewhat lower cooldown - perhaps 20, or 15 at lowest?

Medic - Arsenic

Poison Darts

Seems decent to me, generally I’m hesitant with designs that affect armor and health differently but this seems pretty tame.

Could probably do more damage on account of needing armor to be gone.

Ablative Decay

This…well, this is the kind of stuff I was referring to as making me hesitant.

I’m not really a fan of pierce through effects because, unless the Monster is evading and not likely to take much health damage otherwise, the team will probably need to chew through the armor eventually anyway.

Not to mention how it would cheapen armor for the Monster.

I’d personally redesign this as a cloud that makes the Monster take 35%-50% bonus damage from all sources while in it - weakening armor and flesh somewhat.

Might make more sense as a grenade or throwable of sorts to pair with the Medi-Trophy: with the duration of the Poison Darts she could use more to do while they reload.

Also not a fan of it canceling the Medi-Trophies.


I like it, her primary healing method is throwing healing zones.

I’d guess they would be harder to use at range with less raw healing-per-second than Caira’s grenades, but with the upside of constant healing zones.

The duration may be perfect, or a little too long: I don’t know.



Anyone that suggests more long range assaults is good in my book.

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Ok, I agree that Gordan is very defensive. He also has a longer ranged weapon that kinda requires him to be. Also we can not forget that he is an assault who already has a personal shield. Should all of his other skills be offensive? Should Gordan have a flashbang grenade instead of the laser overload? should the laser cannon do less damage and the sonic boom cannon do more damage?
I want to know if you guys would like a long ranged favored assault or the favored themed traditional, close ranged assault similar to markov, hyde, parnell, and trovald?



Sorry dude,but I think you should work less on presentation and more on in-game design.

let me give you a brief review- (from bottom to top so from medic to assault)

poison dart = Cairas fire grenades only without the initial damage and double damage on unarmored monsters instead. Also,you managed to mention the reload time but not the ammo per magazine.

decay- this would allow a guaranteed minimum of 3 bars of health done to the monster every 90 seconds and it disables an auto heal that could probably cover 1/2 of a mobile arena(from what I can tell since you’ve not stated how big the AOE would be) 5 seconds without healing is just laughable. I would trade it for a chip at an armored monsters health 100% of the time.

electronic sniper- illumination doesn’t really help, the monsters and wildlife have a glow already - I’d rather have visible “artificial” weak spots on the monster rather than another glow effect that would be barely visible.

"x-ray thermal heat detecting"- x-ray cannot go with thermal, it’s physically, scientifically and realistically impossible, plus thermal=heat detecting. 50m “animal sense”(since it works almost exactly as the spotter buff) is an extremely useless tracking tool. It’s restricted to the trappers location, is not mobile and its much stronger version can be obtained through a fairly easy to find wildlife buff(albino spotters scream all the time) Seeing “sneaking tracks” isn’t helpful either.

voltaic cage - so does it deplete all the traversals or disable them because I’m confused. 30 second cooldown on a crowd control tool= no crowd control at all. I don’t understand how disabling a monsters traversal ability for 5 seconds would benefit the team(you can do the same when chasing- if you don’t put the monster in fighting state he has to wait a looong time for his traversals to recharge)

dual smg- by “effective at crowd control” you mean it’s effective against slowed/immobilized monsters?How? If you mean by that that due to cc you can gain proximity…it works the same with Maggie. Basically you’re giving a 2xDPS Maggie smg without the option to aim(and Maggies aim is only useful for short bursts and never used in close quarters)- that’s flawed right there.

pheromone neutralization- not only the name is just “whuh?” “Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted in
our sweat and other bodily fluids that are believed to influence the
behavior of the opposite sex, such as triggering sexual interest and
excitement.” - they also only work for same species.

the thing is- it’s already been done(Slim)

bunker- how would it be useful? If a low hp hunter enters- he won’t be able to get out in fear of getting killed, but for the monster it’s all the same- the hunter is out of the fight. With a 20s duration and theoretically 5 seconds of idle time for each hunter I really wouldn’t know what to do with it. I think I’d rather run away- result is the same but it doesn’t take an ability slot and isn’t that obvious.

laser cannon- 150% lightning gun damage and roughly a,what,?500% longer distance with about 200% higher capacity?
the downside is supposed to be that it can only be fired when zoomed in? and what is “20 meter zoom”- is it 1,75x or 1,5x or 3,4x or 6x or what? Not to mention such a functionality would be straight up annoying.

sonic boom cannon- another attempt to counter the absolute total OP of the laser cannon- tool that simply would not be used. With these two weapons every assault would just ALWAYS shoot from a distance - forcing the monster to close in- the exact opposite of the assaults job.

laser overload- blind monster for 10 seconds then continue to destroy a completely defenseless dude for 10 seconds while your team shouts curses at you because you just used a skill that fucked them up and left them with the monster while you run away to safety Not to mention a 10m radius means you were already in the monsters face which is unreal considering what the main gun is(plus there’s,you know,personal shield)

sorry for being nasty, but if you dedicate yourself to something and spend a considerable amount of time on it you should first make sure that it’s worth it. Your ideas unfortunately are not, and your biggest flaw in this is that you focused on the design while having only a vague idea about the abilities.



I’m not entirely against Assaults having primary weapons that can hit at longer ranges - but fundamentally, in my opinion, they should be encouraged to stay near the Monster.

The laser cannon as presented makes the Assault want to stay back like a Sniper and rewards them Assault level damage for doing do - with a weapon that cannot really be dodged.

And he is rewarded with Assault level damage for doing so.

Fundamentally I’m not a fan of a vision obscuring effect, as I think it would be inconsistent and highly annoying, but I also think that kind of defensive tool doesn’t fit with the offensive Assault class.

I’m still of the opinion that the Sonic Boom gun is needlessly exotic for both a minor secondary weapon and something that functions identically to a Shotgun.

I don’t have any problems with a three shot shotgun as a secondary weapon though.



The silhouettes look like anime so I stopped reading and now I hate everything about this thread.

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While there are many things to disagree about this suggestion (and time_stops_now summed things pretty well), I would not worry about silhouettes. Quick refresher :

A bit more detailed but would not feel out of place in anime either.



I disagree with your critique on a few items.

The goggles seeing stealth tracks would be useful on a proper duration and cooldown, so I disagree with you there.

Being able to not lose sight of the Monster and see them in an area could be strong for following them.

Agreed the cooldown on the cage is rather long, but it could be useful in fights if it depleted traversal stamina and kept it from beginning to regenerate till its end.

The misnamed pheromone ability would be somewhat functionally different in affecting the Monster for 10 seconds regardless of what they did on a real cooldown.

I don’t think scent masking is something that can’t be done on multiple characters if it is done somewhat differently - and meshes well with a Support.

Bunker would be useful strictly for forcing the Monster to leave the Hunter it was focusing - if I read it right the Hunter could leave as soon as the Monster was safely distant, getting back into the fight and resetting the Monster’s focus.

I personally think it would feel overpowered.



only OP made them so their effect is stationary and in a 50m radius. It still is an extremely weak “main” tracking device and its functionality is dubbed by the spotter wildlife buff already.

[quote=“Galgus, post:16, topic:51855”]
could be useful in fights if it depleted traversal stamina and kept it from beginning to regenerate till its end
[/quote]yes,only that’ not how the OP described it

only for it to work it would either have to have an enormous radius(like triple of Cabots dust tagging) and the moment the monster would be hit with it he would KNOW that the hunters know what area he’s in so he’d just flee it- get to a spot where he can sniff again. So the neutralization would flush monsters out- a bit like Cabots dust tagging and in arena fights it would work as an OP version of Slims GL.

is generally too vaguely described to even theorize,but regardless- it would either be too OP as you describe it or just useless as I see it. If it was total invulnerability then it’d be just laughably OP. Make every hunter run with health regen- when he’s almost dead he can jump into the bunker and the monster couldn’t do squat. - no matter the case it would work similar to having a hunter in a downed state with the monster having to decide to either camp the “body” or change focus- only the hunter wouldn’t get a strike(now when I think of it-you’re right,no matter how to look at it it IS OP.)

all in all,my point stands- the hunter concepts are too vague and there’s too much focus on presentation rather than functionality.



True on that, but there is potential in the spotter style tracking and tracks seeing, I think.

It is rather vague honestly, but I think it could be interpreted as that.

I might have a tendency to project how I think something should work when it isn’t well clarified.

I think the main use would be in domes to peel Hunters from the Monster, like a longer duration long cool-down Slim grenade that doesn’t require as much swapping to stay useful.

I think I read it wrong as a 10 second debuff regardless of where the Monster is - agreed the area would need to be huge for it to be useful.

Agreed on the Bunker - also just had a thought that it might be particularly broken with Lazarus.

Agreed that function over form is best.

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clarifications…more in depth analysis

poison dart:
-the clip size is the same as abe’s traking dart
-the damage is meant to only do poision damage when hitting flesh or direct HP, complementing his ablative decay skill.
ablative decay:
-This move is not op, it has many tactical advantages
-it takes 2 seconds to activate which means it is not instant, increasing its chance of being avoided
-Arsenic noticable glows blue when activating the skill, alerting the monster.
-the monsters armor isnt depleted to zero, it just allows hunter to do damage, bypassing the armor for 5 seconds.
-regardless if ablative decay hits the monster or not, when used all medi-trophy systems and the healing burst is disabled for 90 seconds.
-This move is a high risk/ High reward skill

Assault gordon:
Laser cannon
-a far ranged assault is not a bad assault or a op assault, he is just a different playstyle of the assault.
-remember that the assault class is not set in stone, prohibiting them from being more sniper like and weak at close combat.
-if a assault excels in long range damage, why would the damage of his laser cannon not do damage 150% more than markovs lightning gun.
-remember even though the laser has distants, you must be accurate
-the weapon can only be fired when zooming, redcing his feild of vision and veiw of his surroundings.
-this move only last 10 seconds, allowing the assault to reposistion himself to do further damage.
-also blinds teammates for 2 seconds(hyde’s gernades slow the team down)
-laser overload has a arm time of 5 seconds, tons of time for the monster to aviod it.
-activating the ability can’t be canceled, and the assault glows and sparks when arming the laser overload.
-the cooldown is somewhere around the recharge time for the mobile arena, cannot be spammed.( allowing one potential evasion per mobile arena fight.
-discourages users from using this assault like all the other close ranged assaults.
-has a small clip size and has a large spread, alot larger than a shotgun.

Trapper raiden

-this ability cannot be spammed like gobi, nor is it similar to daisy ( a fifth teammate…5vs1)
-allows trappers to combat high level sneaking monsters while still allowing the trapper to have to predict and use natural instinct to find the monster.
-it continuosly high light everything of importance to aid in finding the monster.
-imagine griffins sound spike on the top of your head, illuminating everything similar to the spooter perk, with the range of the sound spike in all dirrections around you, showing sneaking footprints, killed animals, and creatures through wall.
-has a 40 second cooldown that only begins when the ability duration is over, allowing for monsters to have a escaping potential.

-it resets all the monsters traversals to zero
-I am still working on the duration, I want to extend it to 10-20 seconds (in-game testing would be needed)
-traversals dont return until the effect duration is over.
-30 second cooldown to negate spamming.

Electro sniper
-could be change to not give the monster increase stamina recharge when fired.
-still making the illumination for 2 sec, helpful without making it to overwhelming.


pheromone neutralization:
-please remember it is a fictional game, spore gernades makes just as much sense as pheromone nuetralization, dont get caught up and lost in the name @Time_stops_now
-it works like the dust tag, when it hits the monster, it is unable to smell for 10 seconds.
-pheromone neutralization was developed before they released the new medic and his abilities, so I was not coping the slim character moveset, it just took me awhile to release my video between school and work schedule.

if anything else is unclear please let me know, just remember to read the text discription of the move and try not to think of the most op combo you can think of, because anything can be op when the conditions are right, plus nothing is set in stone, moves are always being buffed and nerf in evolve, tons of in-game testing is required before making that assumption about a move, but I really do enjoy the feedback, but remember its not enough to just say someing is op, feel free to share your version of the move or things you would change, thats the part of the discussion I admire and is why I love these forums so much. :smile:



which makes the playstyle not consistent with the other hunters, which brakes the game. Let me repeat myself: assault that wants to be away from the monster IS and always WILL be OP, because the risk/reward for assault is proximity/damage. If you take away proximity then assault can dish out damage for free,and your argument that aiming a zero recoil continuous beam on magnification would prove problematic is laughable. People in BF4 can quickscope a headshot on a 40x magnification scope at less than 10 meters,so yeah, hard to aim, especially a big target such as the monster.

Sorry man, you cleared no concerns and only showed that you kinda don’t understand how some things in the game work.

I honestly cba to point out every little thing in what you wrote,in fact, due to the amount of flaws in your ideas I just cba to give any constructive criticism at all at this point,so I’m just gonna abandon this thread.

tip: don’t work too hard on this, because it’s too poorly done to be anywhere near solid.(just saying- don’t expect that whatever hard work you’ll put in this will ever be rewarded)

also, spore grenades make more sense because spores could actually affect smelling.
the “it’s a fictional game” card is just asinine,since it being a fictional game they could call water “fire” and say “I hate you and want you to die” instead of yelling in pain. Every kind of fiction has it’s set in reality and in the boundaries of human thinking. Applying scientific associations is only natural and obviously logical. Plus I didn’t see you use that argument for the “x-ray thermal heat vision”

and for the love of… stop calling skills and items “moves”! wtf is this?pokemon?