arcticstorm321: evolve new trapper concept iteration #2





***this video is not absolutly accurate, so be mindful of changes

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support, assault, and monster on the way soon!!!
His abilities are electron sniper, x-thermal goggles, mini arena, & mobile arena.
| turtle rock studios you are allowed to use all of these ideas presented in the video. |
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commentary concepts

ArcticStorm321 talks about new trapper class concept.


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It says the video is private. But I assume this is all fan speculation and theory?



its public now



Sounds OP.

5 Seconds is a really long time



Completely overpowered. 5 seconds snare? Free orbitals boys! And let’s not forget, he can’t leap out of it anyway because of the Electron Sniper.



Hahaha… NO

This dude is op as shit lmfao



just dont comment on balance. people who exclusivly use capslock are not to be taken seriously.
and now for support “ladysman 217”…

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The Voltaic Cage does seem a bit over the top. And the Goggles seem a little odd. But it is a very interesting concept.



5 seconds is op? maybe if everything is set up extremely well lol but that would only happen once in a while, the support would have to have the orbital ready and the gernade would have to hit the monster to even work anyways, its the trappers only move to slow the monster and after that he is free to move as he please
think about it, this would hardly land on expert monsters who know what his load out is, but i like the honest feedback, What would you guys have in mind that would improve this trapper, this is only iteration number 1, so of course it will have some flaws.



nothing. this design is flawed by default! you have zero concept of time. 5 seconds is a LOT. thats the time a wraith will lose his armor and half his health when you can shoot it/orbital it. you need barely a second to switch weapons… and just announce it as trapper.
secondly, disabling traversals with a val on the team would mean that a monster can not escape at all. NEVER.

back to the drawing board with you.



Lol fucking kiddong me.

Okay no traversals. Fot 5 seconds haha it already takrs about 5 -8 traversals depending on map. To get good hunters off your ass and thats WITH the battle. Bonus and even then they will still know your general locstion. You add that in there and i promise you ni monster is ever grtting away again.

A cage for the monster that lasts 5 seconds lets see free headshoy damage galore with wrak points and parnell the monster is fucked i alteady melt moving monsters with weak points this will only make ot that muvh easier. Thats not even including damage amp or hanks orbital barrage. So no just no and when hydes grenade gets that upcoming buff HELLL NOO.

Daisy already does a great job tracking stealthed monsters you get those goggles and daisy will never be needed again and good by stealth llay for real. Everything about this character spells OP yo anyone who understands anything about the monster dynamics can see this

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…I was agreeing with you…Just being a little more subtle so as not to hurt the OP’s feelings.



No offense, but I don’t think the Evolve universe needs a grossly overpowered Mortal Kombat character.



yeah i guess that makes since, but all of these things could happen, I’m not dismissing the possibility for that. i guess if the conditions are right and everyone can even get into position in time to get all this damage off, then maybe it would be OP. in a way its like griffins harpoon gun in the monsters back, he literally can move while the orbital in above him, that combo hardly ever happens though…maybe the top ranked hunters could pull this crazy op combo off, but I don’t think the majority of the hunters online could be that coordinated, to be honest, maybe would only work if the monster is domed already by the mobile arena, then they could probably get some like that well coordinated.
Im just trying to look at all of the angles

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the only thing that is overpowered is the voltage cage, but it can always be nerfed to 1 second, but still might be called OP lol



no. disabling traversals is hillariously op.



well i honestly like the honest feedback from you guys, when i release the assault me and my brother brainstormed off it sould be alittle bit more balanced than this one, but this trapper concept is something new to the game that if undergone like 3 different iterations would be really fun to play with :smiley:



Sorry but if you can’t see why the other abilities are grossly overpowered too, I guess there’s no point in any further discussion. Disabling traversals for 10 seconds, an on-demand wildlife buff on steroids, basically a stun…the only balanced ability is the arena…and that is because if you had designed it, it probably had a lightning storm inside that continuously damaged a trapped monster. Thanks, but no thanks.

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Lol you have no understanding of this game clearly by his and your last post. The reason combos like that dont happen with griffin that often is becausr it takes all of like a second 2 turn around and break his harpoon you are talking about 5 gautenteed seconds of immobilization. The no traversals lol traversals are the ONLY reason the monster can get away from hunters and thats assuming he isnt getting cut off i already explained hoe the goggles would nullify ANY form of stealth what so ever so you clearly dont have a firm understanding of monster mechanics

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would no traversals disability and 2 sec snare with cage be…balanced?