Arctic Skins Not Appearing For Tier 4


Sometimes it will load them and other times not at all?

There tier 4 free arctic skins can anyone help with this glitch??


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I think they already know about it but I’m not sure so I’ll tag @Shaners just incase.


What platform you on? The more info the better. :wink:

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This happens to me too. I contacted 2K support, it was seemingly fixed, and then it wasn’t. On Xbox at least, when the news feed is down, generally the in-game store won’t recognize that you bought Hunting Season 1, and it will appear able to purchase. Not sure if you can actually throw your money away on it, but I believe @MaddCow said the game will just tell you that you already have it. Anyway, if the season is in the store, the game won’t give you the reward for buying it. So, play a game or two, and for me, they always appear. It’s some kinda bug, but it’s not a big deal.


Thanks for the explanation, hopefully that will work for him. :smile:

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Same thing happens to me. Like he said just play a game or two and they should appear again.

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Submit a support request here:



Thank you! Yes, they have had numerous tickets opened regarding this issue! They should be able to help!