ArcheAge - Thoughts?


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Does anyone have any thoughts on this game? A buddy of mine gave me a Beta key to try it out. While it was fun for a while, I ended up getting a quest to start my own garden, and I couldn’t place it because it isn’t available to Free accounts. This basically killed the whole game for me. Either way, it seems like a cross between Rift and GW2 so far. Fun, but not fun enough to warrant me spending money on it.

Has anyone else had any experiences in ArcheAge?


Some guys I game with have been playing it since alpha. I haven’t heard much lately, but I know they really enjoyed it at the beginning. They were doing huge clan wars and stuff. Looked interesting, but not really my style of game.

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Eventually the game is supposed to be F2P I think, so you won’t have to buy it. Not sure if it’ll have microtransactions though.


I tried it during a closed alpha session. Afterwards I couldn’t have cared less for it, and I was fascinated with ArcheAge since it was announced. Everything in it upon playing was just a big turnoff, and the character models being the biggest offender.


Only problem is I really wanted to try out the farming and cooking to see how good the buffs were, and not being able to have my own garden seems to handicap me quite a bit. Not to mention subscribers will have a huge amount of extra labor to stay ahead of all free to play.


Every game (if f2p) needs to copy Dota. JUST HATS should be what you pay for , i’m so sick of pay to win garbage.


I got my eye on this one. It sounds like old Shadowbane and I loved that game. Player run econs, PVP, my own rowboat… YES PLEASE!


A lot of very cool concepts are something I’ve learned to not have high expectations for. They are usually poorly executed. Games that shoot for the “complete player freedom” approach sound awesome, but COMPLETE freedom is not good. Flying mounts for instance are terrible and after they ruined WoW I can’t bring myself to even try a new mmo that uses them. It’s just bad design.

player run econ, PvP out in the world, the world feeling alive and having players in it all of the time, player owned structures and territories, all super cool and exciting if done well. I’ll try not to be too cynical but i’ve yet to not be let down


It’s definitely a nice game. My main and probably only issue with it is the popping - the draw distance, even maxed out, is abysmal. It’s CryEngine so it’s also pretty taxing on your system. Otherwise I’ve enjoyed it so far.