Aranas, Dwarven Beach Fortress


5 Granite, year of Armok 120

According to the map, we have arrived. King Ral Stockadeauthored chose the Southern shores of the aptly named ‘Strategic Oceans’, specifically due to ease of travel from the Mountainhome. If we can raise a Fortress here, a secure trading line is assured. It is a relatively quiet stretch of beach, though some kind of blight appears to have claimed the Western plains.

This is no epic story of legend, the Dwarves here shall never be spoken of in in great tales or hushed whispers. Nay, we are but a motley crew, set out for the single purpose of saving our people.

No matter, we have a large tract of healthy forest and ocean-front shores upon which to establish ourselves. The King himself has dubbed this new outpost

An entirely new division of Dwarven surveyors was created for the express purpose of finding new settlements for our besieged people. We are the first such group, proud members of

We unpack and take stock. The King has spared no expense, giving us every advantage available.

No mere peasants undertook this immensely important journey either. We have experienced Dwarves all around.

Immortal-D: Tradition Scholar, Broker, Expedition Leader
SomeDorf: Marksdwarf, future Craftsdwarf
Pencil_Art: Farmer, Chef, Brewmaster, Butcher
SomeDorf: Miner, future Medical Dwarf
SomeDorf: Chief Tree Slayer, future Craftsdwarf
SomeDorf: Mechanic, Furnace Manager, future Tree Slayer
SomeDorf: Miner, future Jewelery Master

A temporary stockpile is arranged where hillside gives way to shale. The grazers are pastured atop the latter, while Miners being digging their way into the former. The trees here grow large and strong (the ones on the non-blighted side of the beach, that is). Good thing we embarked with an experienced Axe Dwarf, taming the foliage here will require a great deal of effort. The Miners make quick work of the sandy hill, burrowing down until they hit solid bedrock, into which they begin carving a dormitory. Despite a bit of rain, we are highly optimistic as the Fortress bustles with activity.

Seems that some lazy Dwarf forgot to clip the wings of our Geese (Gooses?.. Geese), and now Pencil_Art is complaining that they are inaccessible.

While he chases down our remaining birds, the Mining team reports a spot of luck; We have hit Jet amongst the sediments! Although not valuable in the material sense, Jet is extremely valuable as a utility. This stone is notable for being one of the lightest craftable stones known to Dwarf. We can make sturdy rock pots and furniture that are hauled nearly as easily as wooden versions! The lads and lasses are feeling quite optimistic. I decide it would be best not to mention the flock of Ravens I spotted hovering around the horizon.

No need to upset everyone with superstitious nonsense. Things are definitely looking up for the greatest beach Fortress the world has ever known.


12 Slate

I swear, I thought it was just a cloud, the odd color resulting from the conflicting energies which forever clash here.

I was dead wrong. With the flurry of activity going on, I scarcely noticed that several of our animals hadn’t returned to the cave for quite some time. Our Guard Dogs surely saved our lives this day, but were unable to save themselves. With a few seconds warning, one of the Smiths was able to sprint outside and pummel the abomination into submission.

After the commotion had settled, I took charge and informed two of our Crafters that their sole responsibility right now was finishing the queue of doors & cages. They nodded gravely, setting to work with renewed vigor. I set out with Pencil_Art to determine the extent of the damage.

WARNING: Graphic content, viewer discretion advised

Judging by the state of decay when we finally accounted for all the strays, I can safely declare that the Haunted portion of this land does have the power to infuse new ‘life’ in to the fallen. Still, weather watching must be a top priority. That necromantic cloud was a mere few dozen Urists from our enclave. Although the Eastern half of our land is infused with equally unnatural positive energy, Evil has claimed the entire ocean. I make a point of wrangling our surviving dogs. Oblivious to the danger, they run every which way they please, while a stray cat learns to moonwalk.

Sensing the need to step up, one of our Miners declares herself a dabbling Doctor. She has been nicknamed ‘SaberToothTiger’, for the way she viciously yet effortlessly rips apart stone in precise fashion. An older Dwarf with flecks of gray, she appears constantly stern, yet is respected both for her strength and wisdom.

As I think ahead to construction of proper defenses, I am alerted to a faint rustling in the brush-land near the Southern border. Nobody else has heard it, but they aren’t attuned to this threat like I am. The uniquely cloven hooves, the sound of bone brushing lightly against the tall grass. It’s them. They have found me again.