Aquatic Life?


I really love the Wild fauna in this game, things like the Tyrant, Armadon, Crowbill Sloth and Blitz leopard can make maps feel alive.

Except there doesn’t appear to be any fish. Nothing shown lives in the river, save the Tyrant and that can leave the water.

Is there going to be fishies? @MacMan


I think there are fishies


There’s some kind of fishes in the river going down the middle of the Dam. They attack you if you stay in too long (if you’re a Hunter, not sure about Monster).

I can’t remember which video I found it in but you’ll just have to take my word for it :slight_smile:


I would love to see some Sheer inhabiting alien piranha! :fish:


Piranha are fine fish, pretty docile.

It’s the Tiger and Wolf fish that you should watch for.


Yup. They do not attack the monster.


I remember getting grabbed by something in the water during the beta at PAX. It dragged me under and no one could get a clear shot at it. Safe to say, it killed me quite easily.


Might have been the Tyrant. Those Crocs are nasty looking.

I’ll look around. Shouldn’t be that difficult to find.


Canyon eels. They ARE like piranha. Except only bigger.


Sounds more like the New Zealand Longfin Eel to me

Sounds fun.


There should be leeches that slowly drain your health if someone doesn’t take them off you.


But will the fishies have advanced AI that moves when you approach it?!? We need a game to introduce this mechanic!


I’d love to see leeches remove poison from you as well as health. That way you can have the option to run into the water to remove the poison at the cost of losing your position.


I could swear I’ve seen some kind of skeletal bone fish/piranha swimming about in the river on dam in a frenzy. Seemed to be doing damage to Goliath while he was wading.


Has anyone got a photo?


On the topic of using leeches to remove poison, it would be cool if some plant life could offer the same. Ingest a few ‘leaves or berries’ and it cures your poison or maybe provide some sort of a resistance. These plants could be randomized as well to add extra reactionary events during combat.


Those are the Canyon Eels that @MacMan referenced.


For some reason this totally popped into my head.


Now I’m pretty sure they don’t attack the monster… (twitch evolve stream)
But maybe they attack wildlife?