April Fool's


Share the funniest (or lamest) April Fool’s Internet links!

1 - Using Gmail (desktop) try responding to an email.

2 - http://www.overclock3d.net/articles/cpu_mainboard/msi_announce_revolutionary_modular_motherboard_design/1



I’m sorry to all who end up watching that entire video. My heart goes out to you and your families.


Can’t tell if April Fool joke or not. Not quite April 1st for me, so I dunno… :confused:

Guys come check out my stream:


I still have 5 hours till april 1st for me


At least their families will never give them up.


You guys wanna celebrate my dance party?:


Fun Fact: As a small child I actually enjoyed that song until my family made fun of me and I learned that it was a gigantic internet joke. This was when I was probably a wee lad but since then I have never listened to that song.


Robin: Hey Zay I bought you The Division, I heard you wanted it
Me: No way, thank you so much :smiley:
She handed me a division case, I opened it and it was a copy of destiny inside .
It was kinda funny,(even though i died inside) i’m only kind of salty she did that. :sweat_smile:
It wasn’t even April fools today :frowning: , I wasn’t expecting it :confused:


what did you just link me to


My dance party. It’s basically my school’s prom.


I also tried to keep it classy.


Uh oh, Gmail…


i do this prank every year ( not ) :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we have a winner.


Have no shame. Tis a good song.


I checked their site. This has got to be the best thing ever.


I just got a lovely greeting on Newgrounds when I went to check on my game.



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