April 19, 2015 12:00pm cdt tournament


Im finally got the chance to participate in my first tournament. I will try to post the content on youtube for you guys to see what the tournaments are like. wish me luck, Im so excited. :smile:


Good luck ^.^


we made it to the RO16 bracket. we won against Revolution but lost against Evolve hype.
check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwOsdAGGCSM


My team lost to a Kraken…

I was so looking forward to using Wraith in the top tiers and against other good Hunter teams but I guess that will have to wait. I’m sure people would have preferred to see a Wraith go in instead of the Meta-Kraken with the rareish Goliath games.

So sad right meow…


ik if i was the monster player i would bring my wraith dude, i love the wraith.


Same here. At first after the update I believed that that she was unable to play competitively but she can buy I don’t like this playstyle because it feels forced. I shouldn’t have to focus all of my points into certain abilities at certain stages because they are the only or most viable of abilities.

Like a Goliath and Rock Throw…


I watched a few games today, about 10 id say. And god it got so boring that basically every match was caira, hank, maggie, and markov. 8 games were kraken, 1 wraith, 1 goliath. and i was really hoping to learn a bit from the pros how they played goliath. the one game i saw with goliath, he lost. And all he did was prove to me that even the pros struggle with the same issues i struggle. i.e. hunters running in circles around pillars


I would have been happy with a Maggie and Markov but yeah TRS needs to do something badly about the current meta.

Caira, Hank and Kraken are simply too good for 80% of the player base to NOT use.

I say Nerf each of them by like 80% and see what happens…

Or buff everyone else by 80%… either way…

Stuff will commence.


I dont blame TRS. Its virtually impossible to create 16 characters were all 16 are equally valuable in competitive play. Not to mention, they have to keep the game balanced for both casual and competitive play, which further adds to how impossible it is to make this asymmetrical game balanced. it would be too easy to nerf/buff a character for competitive play and at they same time break him for casual play.


Still though… it gets boring like you said when everybody uses the samething each match. There’s no point in having 16 hunters when most of them are outclassed or just too inconvenient for everyone’s playstyle.

And Behemoth will be just like the Wraith and Goliath, hardly touched because there are too many factors against him or Kraken is just simply the better choice. Again, something needs changing and its not just the Tier 4 Hunters.

I imagine that the choices will always be, when Tier 4 is allowed, this:

Caira and MAYBE Slim (he holds a solid chance)
Val’s buff was nice so maybe her but Caira will still remain top choice

Hank and certainly Sunny

Not sure, each holds some pros and cons but I guess it depends on the team comp.

Hyde but probably mostly Torvald (because explosive raisins)

Yay! Lazarus, Bucket, Cabot, Markov, Parnell and whom ever are the least preferred Trappers will collect dust almost 24/7.


would the game be more fun if they didnt try to cater to both parties? I believe what they are doing is making the tier one hunters really simple and gradually increasing the complexity and difficulty of the hunters to follow.