Apple iPhone reveal event has started


iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and iPhone X will be revealed here. This link has it live. So far they have revealed Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular (yes, you can call someone with a watch) and a 4K Apple TV.

EDIT: iPhone 8 and 8 Plus revealed and they are capable of AR gaming, most likely they were supposed to be the 7S and 7S Plus.



So you have IPhone 5 6 7 8 10? What happened to iPhone 9?


Same thing that happened to Windows 9.


The AR games were breathtaking. The iPhone X is must-have for me. I’m overdue for an upgrade, maybe I can upgrade to that.

Also, Godzilla fans will recognize the X’s release date. It’s Godzilla’s 63rd anniversary. @GoGoGoliath @Hal0


It’s like Valve but they go higher than two and forget nine. Wonder if they’ll skip every number with a nine in it…


Maybe Apple has German plants and they want to avoid the iPhone Nine idea?


Here I am with my Samsung Galaxy S5, still rocking it hard.

Apple really likes to overcharge the price on their phones. Samsung the same as well.

Really don’t understand how a phone can cost more or as much as a new TV, console, gaming pc, etcetera…



It costs as much as two Xbox One X

Let that sink in


But a device that is mobile, browses the internet, play games, call and message anyone from almost anywhere, and do most things you need in life.
Console that is non portable that is specifically engineered to play video games.


Still not worth a grand.


Never said it was.
Just pointing out how funny it was that we value a piece of hardware that servers a limited function over a small piece of hardware that is one of the single biggest breakthroughs in technology.
Still freaking expensive.



Completely agree.


Same here broh


In fact, the battery of my phone started to die out (because obviously it wasn’t designed to last that long) where I had to recharge it twice a day.

However, I replaced it with this amazing extended battery right here:

And now I don’t need to recharge it for 2 days, or perhaps every day (because I do game a lot on my phone whenever I have free time).

Still not looking forward to the moment I will inevitably have to replace my phone. Maybe I’ll go with a tablet instead