Appearance and Medal rewards


I noticed that you can unlock certain medals in Evolve but they actually grant nothing? so for what are they there? i mean it would be pretty nice,if you could unlock certain skins or different looking weapons for the hunters and for the monster the shape of the monster would change.

Of course you only would get the best of the best weapon´s or skins if you collect the hardest medals to earn.Or for weapons and for the monster shape you need a comined medal perk in out of a family perk.So that means there are 3-6 depending how hard it is to unlock them 3-6 perks and you need all of them 3 to unlock this weapon or this not very spectacular looking monster shape or even 6 who knows maybe even 9 of those medals to unlock a extremly outrages monster shape.

I dont know propably there should be somekind of monster and weapon looking contest like they did it with the ships in star citizen? a contest where the community build´s monster shapes or draws them.But of course these monster shapes,should also look like a goliath,kraken,wraith.They still have the same abilities and so one but in shape they look different.

For the goliath it would be cool if he would have kinda more spikes maybe some kind of armor plates appear on his skin,when he has full armor rating? and when the armor is gone,the armor plate like fall of or burn down dont know.

Anyways it would be so awesome to have such a appereance variety on the monster´s aswell for the hunters.
And of course those things also only would be unlockable with medals or combined family medals where you need 3-9 medals to unlock the sick looking monster´s or hunter weapon and armor patters.AND NO SHOP CONTENT!


Cool ideas.


From the Prima games guide:


Oh,sorry yeah i forget to mention that.But dont know…that is kinda boring a EXP bonus :confused: i mean played since release and i am allready lvl 23 from 40 i guess it was?