Torvald was a pro at ultimate frisbee before he was torn apart.

Also, what?

In a Torvald Tip, it said he was a pro at ultimate frisebee when he was younger.

That is… Interesting.

It hurts trying to imagine a 6-7 foot tall cyborg playing ultimate frisbee.

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He wasn’t a cyborg back then.

Except maybe time machines?..who knows what the future or past holds…

Excuse me, let me fetch the paper I wrote on the nature of quantum physics pertaining to theoretical time travel.

I don’t have a picture of him before hand, so I can only imagine the cyborg version.

Please don’t




That’s amazing.

Yep. He was very lithe and agile. Shame.

Suppose at least now his robot body fits to his larger head now.

Yes, and he always had a rather thick skull. Matches now. ^.^

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At first I thought this was Photoshopped, but at closer inspection it’s clearly legit.


Obviously. I’d never provide false sources.

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Yes, as a forum leader it would tarnish your reputation. I was foolish to have had any doubt.


@TheDumbassGamer You may be interested to know that we’ve found a complete canonical record of what each Hunter did prior to Shear. Here:

I wonder if they added a line about that at the last minute after the jokes about it, or if that’s why they were making jokes about it. Either way it’s more like a discus.