Apparantly I am downloading update v 1.07?

So any devs @LadieAuPair @Shaners @DB_Sinclair want to tell us when content will be available since patch is currently downloading and wont take 24 hours to download? This is unprecedented for a patch to release before the confirmed release date/time so just curious when we will be able to access all content.

Uh nope, I’m playing gorgon right now. It’s out. image

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Swear on your soul that i will take if your lying that this is a new pic

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So …really? Early release?!

I can get hyped now?

So are we gettinng Rogue Val and Blitz Markov with this patch too? Because I saw there was Rogue Val mentioned in patchnotes :slight_smile:

She’s not out today, but soon. :smiley:


We wanted all of the content to be available to everyone when Tuesday hits, so we’re starting to roll it out today. You may see and be able to play content today, but it won’t be out officially until tomorrow. If you see it now, happy hunting. :grinning: If you don’t, then the latest you’ll see it is tomorrow. I don’t advise anyone wait around all day today for it to drop, you should expect it tomorrow.


fucking game keeps fucking crashing ssaying some “hung” error fucking crashed yesterday too and two games ina row today

Aaaaaw fiiiineeee image

Thanks for answer ! :slight_smile:

I hope that “soon” doesen’t stands for 1 month… .-.

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My hype gland is screaming in agony :joy: thanks for the update. Have a nice day :no_mouth:

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Thanks for the earlier release! And the gold Gorgon skin.

Not to quibble, but I thought Gorgon scarab skin was supposed to be included with Hunting Season 2?

But, you guys ROCK!

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Yup, Gorgon is out and as is the patch. We have threads for discussing them, gents.

SURPRISE :slight_smile: