Apex Legends


Speaking biologically, female


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @The_Specialist! almost snuck by


EVERYONE… I would really like a team to play with in this game on the PC… i’m tired of being a solo player.


Well I’m terrible but I play on both PS4 and PC, if anyone wants to add me.

PSN is dell009gaming
Origin is kraig009


USofA, @Kathryn_James my Origin username is up above somewhere if you want to add me


I just had my very first game where I felt like I was an actual asset.
Both team down… i setup a drop as bait to lure out enmies… i waited with my sniper rifle
then my team crawled under a building and I brought them back up.
We went on through the level, approaching the main circle from the wide way around and thats when i got better with my sniper rifles. Enemies were far on the hill on the opposite side.

they have the highground… They are far enough away that I dive into the mist to flank to the right… I get to my rock thats just safe enough from thier fire and out of the mist… I setup some good shots… but I have to get back to my team.

I saw them coming from the right, i tossed all the Grenades/stars/incidinary at them and get some good dmg… then i open up with the LMG i had.

and together we all won the final fight.

I feel like i added something to the team for once ^.^


Caustic is a walking hate crime. He jumps out of the ship, uses chemical weapons that I’m sure break the Geneva convention and then he attacks women of minority.

Hes still fun to play though. :wink:


Geneva Convention?
I think of it more as a Geneva Suggestion


winning in life


I just got Apex so if anyone wants to play with me on Xbox, my GT is J3ffXbox.


Nothing but awful incompetent team mates all day… :frowning:


Just had either the best win or the worst win. You decide. Team was total noobs like it’s been all night. I’m left alone for over half the match. Managed to only kill one dude that I caught off guard and lucky for me the ring centered itself in a house. I blocked all the doors with Caustic’s canisters and just waited. No one figured out how to get through the doors to get to me and the rest of the teams died to being outside the ring. Lol


thats a good win


I can’t believe how much more effective it is to win when you’re playing with a squad. Also Pathfinder is now my favorite legend, being able to help your team move and provide flanking routs is so good.

A successful tactic is to have bloodhound and lifeline go in and give me data while I flank the enemies from above or a blind spot using the zip lines. since the recharge is so fast i can just use it to also move my team around if we need to move.


I just quit a match that started because this guy on mics was saying things like, “TriXiekat you bring the racism ill bring the crosses” wtf? I just ignored them… we dropped and when we landed he said over the mics “TriXiekat lets win this war with racism”

I was so disgusted I just quit and shut down the game.

that was… i feel gross just being in the same lobby with that person

do not include me in your sick fantasies of hatred…

just ewww. shortly after i quit I saw the other guy on our team quit too leaving him all alone.



Kathryn, I can understand how upsetting it could be as you are putting your efforts in game and such type of cheaters who are using auto programs to spoil enjoyment of game. I appreciate your efforts towards gathering and providing the information about the cheater. Be assured, your concern is our priority and we’ll do our best to assist you further with the issue.

I kid you not. I 100 percent posted this to them via reporting a user function for harassment and i never once mentioned cheating.


Looks like an automated response, nevertheless, I do hope they handle that person.


that aside… i played another game and one thing I can say… I seem to be a lot more accurate than most


I figured out today you can mute people. Got to bring up the screen that shows all 3 banners and highlight them.


W-What? Characters have a base of 100 health… whose kill did you steal?