Apex Legends


I am enjoying the squad play myself… I also prefer LMG and mozanbique


Are you well? Are your hurt? Who did this to you? Why would you like such a thing!?


well i can hit people with the mozambique easily at close range but the lmg is my primary. I want to pretend to be a sniper… but im not a sniper lol


I actually don’t mind the playing with randoms, it’s just early days and so people (including me!) aren’t getting some of the basics down yet I think. The fact that you have alternate strategies out of the gate and that you either need a player that is going to carry you if your squad aren’t all on the same strategy, or luck to have everyone able to play the same way, creates the frustrating stop/start for many games. I’m sure it’ll get better as people gain more experience.


thanks but PC


Find yourself a Peacemaker, or at least an Eva-8


the peace maker is bea


Are you okay? We’re here to talk and listen if you need us.

Unpopular opinion: I prefer the Eva over the peacemaker. I will take the peacemaker when I find one but I actually don’t like the choke attachment that much. I somehow perform worse with it.


Probably because choke means less spread, so less room to hit enemies.


Just punched two people to death on landing, and then got ganked and our lifeline legged it somewhere else and didn’t pick up our tags :expressionless:


What platform are you on?


PC over here


Origin: Commander_Hadro
Maybe we can play at some point


It could be cross platform issue, could be worth a try. If not then at least that’s ruled out.


yas i got carried


Sure, are you EU or US though? Might not always align well for times and pings :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the peacemaker… but I am clumsy with it… same with the other shotguns.

I love the energy ammo though… yuummm


My literal reaction today after logging in online to catch up on Apex stuff.


Lucky that most of the community doesn’t get bothered by stuff like this because its inconsequential to the game and just let people but the toxic few that get all mad and up and arms :rofl:


People are very stupid. It’s what makes us human.


I only watched my older brother play apex and since he used earphones, I never heard audio from the game. He played Bloodhound a lot and so I thought he looked like a cold blooded murderer, sinister, and stuff :’>

Fast forward to present when I’m playing. Bloodhound is such a nice guy ; w ;

Or uhhh… judging from the post above maybe a nice gal? O.o

I want the Plague Doctor skin. Give me your powers so I can get lucky and unlock it \o/