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And Lifelines that never heal.

Also for anyone that plays on PS4, turn off the chat to text that is auto enabled in the settings. It will stop crashing for you. Dont know if that works on the other consoles.


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Look at the kill feed. What do you guys think its means?


As all of us have spotted, there is something about Apex that correlates with Evolve and in many ways. I just wanted to make this list for fun and relate the characters in Apex to the ones in Evolve. The relations are based on personality and/or ability kits

Go ahead and click on you’re favorite character to see what they might relate to or to see if your idea/prediction lined up with my opinion


As mentioned in previous posts I had made the opinion that Bloodhound was a mix between Crow and Jack. Assuming Jack because of the mask and survey satellite that doesn’t have the complete same effect as Bloodhound’s ability. I mostly assume he’s a Crow copy because Bloodhound also has a bird that allows him to see through walls. Honestly, his Tactical Ability is the Trapper Class Ability


I feel like his personality fits with Markov, laughing when in battle and for the glory of battle. Abilities don’t really perfectly fit his kit from Evolve unless you want to stretch it and say he has an over glorified Personal Shield


Maggie was my instant though due to the hair being in similar ways as well as the personality. As my sister puts it “bitchy and cold”. She has no similarities in her kit


In her lore her power is defined as “void manipulation” which allows her to create portals and become invisible. And speaking of Wraith, the Evolve Wraith was defined as having “space/void” powers which was later implemented into Kala and therefore I see a bond of Apex Wraith to Kala. Plus, her personality is pretty dark


Probably going to create a poll for this as this is even a debate between me and my sister. I believe MRVN to be EMET and she believes him to be Bucket. Pathfinder has the same color and digital identification of his emotion at the moment and he’s a little buggy. Both EMET and MRVN have a chipper type of attitude while Bucket would not, he would make the same comments as MRVN “Losing isn’t fun. That’s why I don’t do it”


The only character I could possibly think of and could even be closely related to Mirage would be Abe due to the personality. Due to the concept art on his page in the Apex website of the Legends tab he can be seen drooling over a girl. Now I know Abe would be smoother and slicker about it, but I think that’s pretty much it. If you have a better idea, I’d love to hear it.


A sadistic man with toxic gases…sounds like Hyde to me alright. I don’t even have to mention the Toxic Grenade, do I? (In b4 TW mains Caustic)


Credit goes to my sister for this one as she said it first and this is totally Sunny. I’d say Caira but Lifeline is just as optimistic as Sunny and they both know they got a mission to do. Lifeline’s Healing Drone would sync up with Sunny’s Shield Drone as well

Again, this is all just for fun and all of this is 90% just a coincidence. No matter what, I’m happy to have a game to play that reminds me of the fun I had playing Evolve and I know I’ll have more fun playing Evolve: Stage 3…I mean Apex

This poll is for Pathfinder, click on him to see what I mean (Apparently putting a poll in a details box breaks it)

  • Bucket
  • EMET

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yea someone on the team must be an evolve fan or even worked for TRS?

ive heard the lead directors did work on CoD before.


Gasp having a legend that has dog that can revive people for the team and be a soft tracker would be really cute.


Other than character tropes I don’t see any of these characters coming from Evolve.

Bloodhound actually never uses his crow. His wall hack tracking ability is a computer system on his sleeve, not his crow (who makes no appearance outside of finishers as far as I can tell)

Gibraltar really has nothing in common with Markov. He’s just an easy going dude.

Wraith, maybe.

Pathfinder is literally a MRVN that can talk with a jetpack. Nothing is even remotely Bucket about him.

I see no Abe in Mirage. Abe is an outlaw and a bounty hunter. Mirage is basically in this for fame and Instagram credit.

Caustic is basically evil Dr Krieger. He’s also a man of science as he puts it. He’s too intelligent to be Hyde.

I don’t really see any similarities between Lifeline and Sunny. Lifeline is definitely way cockier. Upbeat but still cocky.


nessie is a the loch ness monster of course, nessie has also been used to describe other large myths after the fact… So something fun is on the map?


Well there are Nessies on the map that others have found already. Nessies is a plushy Loch Ness monster that Respawn puts in their games as Easter eggs. Finding one is fun but the fact that they put something in the game feed has me intrigued if there is an event that could happen if the characters achieve something.


Honestly, I think it’s a new Character


Am I missing the obvious, or is there no real way to automatically indicate or otherwise see what the status of other people’s abilities/ults are? It seems like it would be incredibly useful to be able to ping out a message that an ult is ready or that the class ability is on recharge. Other games tend to give the option to witness this information somehow, so I’m trying to work out if I’ve just missed out how…?


As far as I can tell you are right and you can’t.


This is true, I thought there would some type kn indicator on the team frames however you can mention to your team by using your Mic.

Always expect a Pathfinder’s Ult to be ready. Thing recharges in like 40-50 seconds


Yeah I find (and I’ve said this about Evolve and other games before) that being European means that I am relying on people understanding and speaking English. So far I’ve played with a lot of Russians and French who may well understand me but I certainly don’t understand them. I feel Americans (certainly developers) don’t really recognise this problem as it’s not one that they have to deal with every online multiplayer game…

I want to rely on in game recorded voice cues, because then at least I know if someone is able to set their in-game voice to a different language, we’re all getting the same information.


Just to highlight this point, I just had someone gibbering stuff down voice comms at me, who obviously could speak english but had a heavy eastern-european accent and a bad mic… I then get abuse thrown at me, via voice chat, for not doing what they supposedly said (though I couldn’t make out what they were saying while also trying to be in a fire-fight).

I love voice comms, I know exactly why they’re necessary, and I know games like Apex Legends are much better when you can use voice comms with your squad… but people rely on it too heavily when playing with strangers.


Now that I have Xbox Live Gold again, I’m really excited try this game out.




Oh, and fun fact. J Hill who worked on Evolve was at Respawn for a few years and worked on Apex. Now he’s back at TRS :slight_smile:



Funily enough Krieger’s been wanting to use the nerve gas in the vents for a while now.


I’m glad someone else remembers.

Griffin Halsey (JB Blanc) is Caustic.