Apex Legends


I already linked that one lol


Going to have to learn a lot of patience if solo queuing, lots of team mates running in all directions and just running through open areas like it’s safe when it clearly might not be


Every 3rd member of my duo team tries to engage in a fight alone…without pinging…or telling anyone…or having a brain


No, you linked the official website. I linked the wiki.


Well this never happened in any other battle royale game for me.

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PC for me and 10 chars

1_TriXieKat is my tag.


I linked both the official site and the wiki lol


I was in a winning squad (and wasn’t just dead and spectating) yesterday, which I thought was great considering my complete lack of experience with BR. I did take it with a pinch of salt though, I presume lots of people are just still learning the ropes :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah but…I’m the superior lifeform so sukkit


I’ve gotta agree with you, as someone who tries to abstain from Battle Royale games, I am lovingggggg Apex Legends.


Oh, you right… mah bad lmao


This game is going to be rife with the people that both run all the time and never stop, and yet complain about never getting lifeline’s heals, isn’t it?


Oh I got my first real taste of salt today.

Apparently as medic and being behind the team is ‘pushing’ and the reason my team died. I was still alive… Saved one battle tag, then ran into the mist and circled around to try and catch enemies a bit off guard… Sadly I ran into 2 of them. ( I only thought there was one)

Anways take my name Trixie add a buch of **** and general moaning from the explanation above.

I would say yes but where some fan out… another will just take off at times and as a medic I have to decide whom to follow T . T


Yeah, hopefully people start to learn that you run on for a bit, and then once you’ve cleared an area, if you’re hurt, wait for some healing before surging on


That moment when a 3 person squad wipes 3 other squads, your 3rd person leaves but you and your 2nd kill 2 other squads, and then your squad places 2nd place.
I love the R301, and the R2 and R1 (for you Titanfall peeps)


Well, the game apparently doesn’t want me to connect to the servers. See ya never.


There seem to be a couple of bugs that mean you don’t connect because of a “party not ready” message, is that what you get?


I can’t even log into the game. I press A to start and it gets stuck at the connection screen, and after it fails it gets stuck at “initializing”…


PC was like that day or so ago.