Apex Legends


I forgot what it was now… lol

Also Caustic is my new main. Oh my god I love him. Hes like a more evil Dr Krieger.


How dare. I went out of my way to do something nice for you and you’ve forgotten what it was >.> smdh


Things I am hoping are added to this game

  • Car SMG
  • A map based on Angel City, with a large garden or 2, and several large buildings that are big enough to be like out door areas.
  • A legend that has a double jump and/or a stim ability legend.


If they do this. I hope the original map is part of it. That would be pretty sweet.

Also if anybody on PS4 wants to party up with me my PSN is same as my user name here. Currently no mic but I’m competent and a team player.


Mic isn’t even really a problem in this game as long as you can ping well.


That is very true but I dont want to get anybodies hopes up to the aspect.


These designs remind me of Evolve.


There is a lot I can relate Apex to Evolve…a lot


There’s definitely someone on the development team who was an Evolve fan.

Way to many designs in there not to be.


Well, Bloodhound is described as a “Goliath whisperer”…


Yeah the level of familiarity with Evolve is ridiculous as far as character design and such. I’m giving this a whirl, legitimately haven’t played a Battle Royale style game ever thanks to the timing of Evolve and then having a child, so… this is a bit of a learning curve weirdly.


G-Goliath whisperer? I don’t get it…

I was more thinking a Crow/Jack mix
Mostly thought he was Mordecai from Borderlands
And my sister and a friend of mine had referred to him as Drongo from Paragon

Honestly, I can see all three but mostly going with Crow/Jack because Crow has Gobi who can scout and Jack with the Survey Satellite. So the “Eye of the Allfather” ability fits with those


OK, so my first ever kill in a BR style game is meleeing a gun wielding Gibraltar to death, I don’t think this can get any better from now on, I should quit while I’m ahead.


From the wiki:
It doesn’t specify what a “Goliath” is, but Evolve has forever corrupted me into thinking of it as our boi.


I won a game by meleeing a Gibralter when we both ran out of ammo and it was just us 2.


I should probably read up on their lore…one day…starting with Pathfinder

Can I get a wiki link? Or is it like multiple wikipedia links and there isn’t a Apex Legends Wiki page yet?


Here’s the EA official character page:

And an Apex Legends Wiki on Gamepedia:



Wait until you get an accidental penta kill as Gibraltar. I did that the other day. Threw out the mortar strike just to cover myself so I could run like a coward and downed a whole team plus two other dudes.




I saw a gif of a gibraltar winning cause he tossed out his ult when the last two teams were trapped in separate spots. With one above and one below.