Apex Legends


You can slide, and continue sliding if going downhill which was surprisingly fast


Supporting it means supporting EA, and I have no intention of doing that. Even if they don’t stick their filthy fucking hands in it, they still profit from it by publishing it.


So you would rather punish an Innocent company (respawn) instead of mildly supporting another company?


I wouldn’t support 2K in any possible way. Even if I do love the Borderlands series


You know that’s just enabling them. They see these measures aren’t making them money so they are just going to double down on the abusive ways of doing so.

If they do something right, they should be shown that. Otherwise they will never learn.


It’s not like even Gearbox themselves have an amazing track record in their own right. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Borderlands 3 with loot boxes or even a battle royale style mode in the same vein as Apex since Borderlands already has classes. But again, with loot boxes.

Honestly, with the rumors of Borderlands 3, I’m not very hopeful for it to be as good as Borderlands 1 and 2 was.


I never fully got the appeal of borderlands. I thought it felt outdated for the time it came out. The writing was humorous but nothing special.


If they’re working for EA, they’re already fucked. It’s only a matter of time before the “corporate vore,” as I like to call it, sets in as it did for Maxis, Pandemic, and the rest of EA’s victims.


Gotta say, the game is pretty addicting.
And this from someone who generally has tried and not really enjoyed any of the major BR games (PUBG, Fortnite, Blackout, etc)

Then again, I’ve always been obsessed with Titanfall.
I don’t play for the skins, they’re just basically recolors at this point anyway.


None of the skins really appeal to me. Thinking about throwing 5 dollars at them as a show of good will.


Couldn’t agree more.
First time i feel rewarded after a long game without winning.

Its pleasant enough to be in the game and fire your weapon a bunch.
Not to mention that even though there are purchasable characters, all of them are balanced.

Only problem right now is the community imo.
Might be due to my location but I’ve been shouted and cussed at for looting a building because “thats my looting spot”. Or just simply abandoned because some people only play duos.

I hope i just encountered a small portion of the lovely community that this game has.


I havent had much issues with people being negative but there was one guy who cussed me out when he died on the other side of the map and I couldn’t revive him.

I do love the fact that you can send messages on console even. I typed out that he should have stayed with the team. lol


I really enjoy that it only takes maybe 20-25 minutes for a win


I had one guy who yelled at me to give him jumpmaster role, and then yelled at me to fly solo for some reason.
I didn’t like his tone or his annoying voice so I went and did my own thing quite a bit away from them.Of course when the got into a firefight and couldn’t handle themselves I got yelled at and called several names in the book (though they were obviously trying too hard) before he rage quitted.
Probably the only toxic member I’ve seen.


I frequently give up jump control as I keep landing us in someplace stupid and I spend 4 minutes looking for a gun or anything.

I swear I will drop us in some buildings and I will find one throwing star and a sniper scope. lol


I learned in a pinch 3 of those stunning throwing stars will down a person if they dont have any shield. It was sort of funny. I hadn’t found a gun yet and I had a wraith sneak up on me so I just chucked all three as fast as possible. The stun effect kept them from shooting me and I managed to get them down and steal their weapons. lol


Here is something pretty cool.


Here, @CptBoomBoom. Now you can post what you wanted to post lol

also Wraith is a dope character design, but she’s op and that’s why I main Bangalore even though she kinda sounds super bitchy lmao


If anything I’ve heard she’s not that good unless you have a very coordinated team?

I want good internet so I can play Bloodhound or Pathfinder aaaaaaah