Apex Legends


Oh yeah, I suppose so.

Maybe they need to add more passives to the weaker characters. Lol


I almost haven’t played this game since the first day I tried it out. The whole looting/menu is very clunky to me and way too complicated. IMO Fortnite is better at this, albeit the loot system is not as complicated sans the weapon mods, armor, buffs, etc.

EDIT: I also feel like the loot is too sparse, or when you find a lot of it via dead enemies or world drops, it’s completely useless or weak. I dropped on the battleship, a pretty good spot for loot (as far as I know), and didn’t even find a pistol. This other time, I dropped down and only found armor and light ammo, everywhere I went. I ended up having to get in a first fight with a guy with an actual gun, which, as expected, did not turn out well. In Fortnite, from when I played, most if not all weapons were viable (excluding pistol type weapons), and you could hold your own with most things. Plus the ammo economy made sense too.


Really? What do you find complicated about it?


Just for example, weapon mods. There so many of these things, I found it hard to know what affected what. I might be carrying a pistol and find some sight, but the sight is for a rifle or something. Then I have to sort through my inventory and clear it out, which is also kind of a hassle.

Additionally, the weapons were a problem for me. I literally did not know what gun used which type of ammo. I would literally run around an entire match with 5 bullets in an assault rifle, just to give an example. Plus, I didn’t know how to ping for ammo.

Maybe I’m just stupid, but they should, in some way, make these things clearer.


So just some tips, stuff like mods and sights will say what types of weapons (or specific weapons) that can use them, when you’re in your inventory the weapon will show what type of ammo it uses in the bottom right of the slot, and if you ping the ammo icon (or any slot in the weapon panel) your character will ask for that.


What stream said


Hover over any mods, gun, ammo or whatever and read what they say. Everything tells you which weapons use what and to make it even more simple, ammo is color coded.

Heavy weapons are green on your hud and heavy ammo is green.

Apex has easily the easiest to understand menu out of BR games I’ve played/seen and that includes Fortnite.


Did you happen to play the tutorial?


To be fair I agree with @TinyPickles318. You generally want to spend as less time in the inventory as possible.

In Fortnite you don’t have to manage your ammo as it doesn’t take up inventory. At most what you have to do is swap the weapons in the right order. Heck, they even made it where players have the option to put consumable healing items completely in the last slot (as usually weapons are used in the first three).

Plus, I would be stressed out to be in the open or even in a hut having to go through everything I picked up (anyone could be watching and shooting you) and have to check what I should keep and I need to throw out. Then have to repeat that process again a few moments later.

Off course, slowly experience will come in and you’ll start to know what goes with what thanks to color coding. That isn’t to say that it’s still time consuming, especially when you kill an enemy and now have to compare your loot with theirs and quickly make up your mind in case other enemies are approaching.

You can’t afford to sit still in a BR game or have to go out of your way to find cover. At least in Fortnite you can protect your self and build a hut in the open. Apex not so much.


Thing is I played the game for like 30 hours before actually caring what the gun upgrades were. It became apparent quickly that while there was some choice when it came to type of scope, preferring range vs near-sights, largely you just want to pick up whatever is there and is better than what you’ve already got.

I eventually spent literally 10 minutes looking at the wiki and learned everything I needed to know. I wish this information was in game, I feel that all games should have their pertinent information presented within the game when launched, but this isn’t a situation where it even takes that long to work out what these things mean and what they do.


I tried playing today, have to say the performance is more stable after the last patch and I managed to get a win. But crashing seems to still be a thing.


Considering how this game is I’m continually amazed by how many people try and have open air fire fights where you can be flanked super easily.


Yes I did.


lmao ya



I’m just selective about what I pick up. I don’t ever pick up ammo or mods to guns I don’t have. Unless it’s the turbo charger. I pick that up.


I pick up the selective and turbo chargers. since i am reallyloving the triple take atm. turbo charger is a bit nicer to carry now that the energy ammo arent rarer than teammates pinging the enemy.


if only they cared as much for TF2


ugh her mind



Someone made a very cool concept for a fan made legend.