Apex Legends


I was in a match just like that last night… The drop leader yelled “OH WERE LANDING ON THAT SHIP” I typed my reply “Hell yeah we are” (or something like that) We landed… First guy flew off the side from what I saw… then my teammate went after him… The only one left on the flying ship was me and a set of bad guys.

I think I died before I got off ( I think I challenged the enemy on that one)…

But in all the games that are BR this one doesn’t make me feel like a total plebe.

I like this game because of that very reason… I feel like I contribute…


oh don’t worry Scorn… all the topics are about you… and yes… even the one about butter on toast that looks like famous people, you’ll always be our legend ^.^


I cant lie and now that BR is all the rage with the … “popular kids” playing an all out evolve battle royale would be fun… team of 4 monsters vs 21 hunters… ^.^

(just reminded myself when there were two monsters playing around in evolve via glitches… that was madness but it was very inspiring too)


Just won my first game as I was being carried hard core by 2 dudes way better than I. I supported them well enough.

One of the guys ended the game with 12 kills.


This game crashes… A lot.

5 crashes in 5 minutes now. Somewhere north of 30 for the day.


So I downloaded Apex Legends and played for like 2 hours.

My initial thoughts:


  • I like the class system that can suit to each player’s playstyle. Although I don’t think I’ve quite found the class I’m comfortable with.
  • Combat feels good and responsive.
  • Ping system is amazing and something Epic can take notes of.
  • teammates sticking together when jumping out is amazing. No more teammates across the map (almost)


  • You have to pay close attention to what you scavenge - you can’t blindly loot or you’ll get a bunch of attachments taking inventory space. Cleaning your inventory is a must pretty much.
  • It’s also hard for me to tell whether said attachment is actually going to be helpful ex. 2x scope on an assault rifle
  • Finding certain weapons can be difficult. There had been matches where I just couldn’t find an assault rifle for the life of me. Oh but pistols are plenty…
  • Freezes. Sometimes I would grab something only for my screen to freeze. This happened at least three times with the fourth it resulting in a crash. Doesn’t help that the crash occurred in my best match yet just as one of my teammates spotted an enemy
  • Cosmetics aren’t that amazing and the fact that loot boxes are a part of the system also doesn’t sit well

For now I don’t think I’ll keep playing. I will watch some streamers play it to see if I’m perhaps missing some of the charm of it.

However, for now I find Fortnite more fun. I can find more diverse loot, it isn’t as complicated and I feel like it’s better in able to tell a story than Apex is.


You find Fortnite to be less complex? Weird… I find the exact opposite. The complexity of Fortnite was the biggest reason I didn’t play it.


The loot isn’t complex. It’s the building mechanics that turns people off.

Which I understand, it’s not for everyone. Heck I’m not a masterbuilder either, I’m usually the one below the build fight. However I manage to still find ways to win in those situations.


EA is the publisher

Welp, that’s all I need to know.

  • Fortnite Pros/Cons

Fortnite has had time to develop, a year to listen to their players and over a year to fix their mistakes. The skill gap his significantly dropped as there is no difference between a new player and an veteran player (I don’t mean a player who started a week ago, I mean has had a season of experience)

Planes, Boomboxes, Quad Launcher, Grappler, Dynamite and much more are items that ruin the game because they are an item that overrules a pro player’s building technique. These items allow players who don’t know how to build the ability to make the playing field fair and it’s garbage.

Fortnite built their game off of the idea of building and the fact they are trying to get rid of it or hard nerf it is insanity. If they want to retain their current players and not bring in new ones (Which is what matters, the concurrent player count) they need to stick to their roots and stop adding shit that doesn’t need added and start to balance and fix the game

  • Apex Legends

I personally haven’t gotten the chance to experience a true online game however I have played through the tutorial, been able to analyze the characters from their trailers and website as well as watching Twitch clips of streamers playing the game

The tactical abilities are fairly balanced, I thought Wraith’s invisibility was really overpowered but I was then told that an update made it to where she can no longer see players and her vision is distorted. After hearing that, I already could see they listened to their players and fixed the problem in a common sense manner. (Fortnite took 2 1/2 months to remove the Drum Gun, a weapon with the fire rate of an SMG and the damage of an Assault Rifle (40ish Damage)).

The ultimates and passives was a unique idea to me with Apex as well it adds a way to level the playing field and comebacks can happen at any given time. Gibraltar’s ultimate is also balanced as I saw that the player themselves will take damage if standing in the radius. The ultimate’s are not too OP and nor are the passives, however they are very situation based and I can see them being useless when cornered or if you’re a support, unusable

  • Final Verdict

If I were to choose a game for competitiveness and simple fun I would easily choose Apex, but a game that runs easy and fun with friends would be Fortnite. The realization hit me that games are no longer fun without playing playgrounds in Fortnite, the game is in a weird state where battles don’t take skill anymore and the servers themselves are in their own little battle royale and it sucks. Nobody plays on West coast servers because it’s simply horrible and everyone chooses East coast servers because they actually get better connection. But even I get 35-40 ping as the base low.


I’m waiting a month or two for optimization and balance patches to see how the game goes before I download it. A lot of games are still having their CNY events and I still have a ton of singleplayer games I need to finish first, which I can play while I download it. So I’ll wait out a bit more.

Happy to know that the game’s had a good launch, Respawn should be saved from getting killed by EA for at least three more years if the game can make a profit.


Aren’t Boom boxes, Quad Launchers and grapplers vaulted? Also they reduced the odds of getting rocket ammo from ammo boxes.

I would say Fortnite is in a fairly good state right now. Yes planes are still there but I don’t see that many planes in the air and I’m not afraid if I do see one. In fact, I start shooting one straight away and stay close to a tree or house so he doesn’t know where I am. Get even better when you shoot with a silenced assault rifle cause they never know where you’re coming from.


EA has diddly squat to do with this game. Don’t dismiss it just from the publisher.


Surprisingly EA hasn’t really touched the Titanfall games which makes me happy.


Respawn has been able to keep to themselves (for now), I heard that they actually had to go to EA and tell them to trust them to make this BR.


I might give this game a try. Bloodhound gives me HUGE Crow vibes and even though it sorta irks me I like the game’s aesthetic, but I wish it had more movement mechanics instead of just sticking to… you know… just walking…


I personally would not recommend to play Apex Legends just because it’s published by EA Games. With all the bullshit that EA has made in its career, such as the closure of once-popular studios right after they get recruited, I can say it does deserve to be one of the most hated companies of the US.
You see 2K Games, how they threated Evolve? Well, think of EA Games as 2K Games but to a worse level.
And that’ll be the only time I post on this thread, because this post I’m writing could be enough to put oil on the fire even if I don’t want it.


I learned yesterday if you build up enough speed you can jump off walls. You get a surprising amount of distance from it.

It’s no wall running but it’s a cool mechanic.


apex is the first battle royal i enjoy.

reminds me of evolve :’)


Gibraltar is like a Samoan Hank.

He has shields and an orbital strike.