Apex Legends



I was wondering if something like that might work… also they could of died as they entered the portal… rem that happened to me… I popped out of the portal falling to my death.


I started playing on pc. Within the first few rounds I got the most obnoxious wraith main. Since she was my last played and just so happened to pick first. The guy would scream his head off begging me to not pick wraith. Also why do low level players get paired up with level 50 to 60 players and up.


Because there is zero match making.

@Kathryn_James the supply drops will kill a person, it’s been confirmed by numerous videos on reddit. Lifeline even has a tracker for how many times you’ve done it if I’m not mistaken.


I played Caustic one game and since he was my last picked I had a guy write in chat
Caustic = die
So I picked Lifeline… B(



Edit: A real caustic would welcome the data generated from their death…


Pre-game me and my friend ran with a stranger and like normal I was going to play Pather. The man decides to get his nerd on and say “You know Pathfinder has one of the biggest hitboxes right?” And he continues on about a video I already watched, so my friend goes “I think everyone can agree when I say this, nobody gives a fuck” and yes while true, no one tells me to not play Pather :emetangry:

He left before we dropped


Nerds gonna nerd


haha thats a fun play… I like castic but I am only level 30 and I keep forgetting to use my gas traps >.<

Until the last game! I had almost 400 dmg and had the best stats of the team… I know its not great… but I am really happy I dealt out 400 damage lol.

I just realized Bloodhound is a monster… hes goliath made human ^.^


I like pathfinder… and isnt his big hitbox on the legs? does that mean enemies are wasting time trying to hit the head?

Plus path as really fun grapples… he just wins on that.


That’s a bummer. They should add some form of matchmaking so new players can learn with other new players.


Been absolutely loving Apex, playing it every night (and slowly starting to stream again with it, though last few have been shitshows :stuck_out_tongue: )

I got slightly fucked because I’m now Apex level (max) so I can’t get any more loot boxes and didn’t really get any legendaries. Once you get ‘A’ rank you keep ‘leveling’ for the character unlock points, but don’t get lootboxes anymore. That made me sad to find out

Pathfinder hitbox is chunky in general, height, head, legs etc; However played right you ideally should have high ground as much as possible minimizing your hitbox (and that of your team) significantly… Or just tarzan rope into melee range of enemies with a peacekeeper and allied arc stars already attached to you :stuck_out_tongue:


Ever since I saw that clip from the Apex highlight reel for the player milestone, of someone sticking an Arc star to a pathfinder ally and having them grapple in to kill people taking cover in a tunnel…

Mind. Blown.


Yep, I think my favorite kills are the combo’s or unexpected kills, pathfinder tends to be the best for that :smiley:

I’ve done a few so far (pathfinder grapple people over cliff and drop them, kill someone with wraith portal, kill someone with door as they exit portal, kick someone off cliff) but there’s still a few I reeaalllly want to do like kill someone by pathfinder grappling them under a falling lifeline ult and stuff… That’s like… Art… xD


The bait has worked.


I mean people still pick Path cause of his kit despite his hit box. It’s Caustic and Gib that don’t get picked cause of their hit box.

Also lifeline and especially wraith are more popular because of how small their hit box is.


Not to mention lifeline literally healing faster. That’s just too good of a passive.

I still pick caustic and do well as him, despite his fatness. I will admit I go down quicker at times due to that but it is what it is.


Yeah wraith and lifelines passive are super good. Seems like Gib pathfinder and caustic got the short end of the stick when it came to passives.

Doesn’t LL have like 3 passives in one?


3 passive in one? Her passive allows for faster use of healing and shield items.


And the revives and shield while reviving