Apex Legends


It wouldn’t take much to make to make the Mozambique useful at the start just tighten up its spread a titch and give it an extra round.


I think I liked someones suggestions about basically making it a hybrid between shotgun and pistol. I don’t know if that’d be easy to do in game mechanic terms, but being able to equip certain light ammo type enhancements while using shotgun ammo would probably alleviate people’s issues.

I think for me I agree with the idea that some guns should be a little less effective as the game goes on, but more prevalent, giving people a reason to switch and upgrade out… but I don’t know that the game gets that balance right because tbh I will just as often find the auto-shotgun and upgrade that out to a peacekeeper when I find one, I don’t know where the Bique sits in that, really. And in some games I’ll get something like the Havoc or Wingman and a shotgun of either type and spend the rest of the game searching for the equipment I need to take me to the final shootout (if I get that far), I don’t know how much the Bique even matters in the context of the length of a game and the difficulty in finding tier-3 breaking weaponry.

I think part of the issue is that there are too many “high tier” spaces, it’s actually not hard to find yourself going into a high tier area and only having to survive against a couple of squads before getting fully kitted out. Meanwhile others choose a more “cautious” route and have load outs that can’t really compete with those that went to one of the several high tier areas. At least if there was only the one high tier space (maybe two with the dropship, IDK) then people could play a bit more strategically around whether to risk that initial drop, or to play a more exploration type experience to get to the end.

tl;dr: I don’t bother picking up the Mozambique because there is almost always a better type of weapon around the corner that takes more equipment and thus keeps my backpack cleaner, I don’t know how much small tweaks to that weapon will change how I approach that situation.


This game has straight up bamboozled my ability to listen to Right Here, Right Now though.


I made it to 4th. All by myself. I eventually made my way to center and found I nice nook. When someone was near I didn’t aim well enough through the bush and they won.

I was told by someone that like the last 10 people reported me for hiding and trying for better kills. Lol


Extra round at the least. 4 shot will down a person with no shield. 3 if you land a headshot.


It does 3x15 per shot on body so it can already do that?

It’s just not very accurate so you generally need to reload


The chance of hitting all 3 pellets consistently is pretty low. That’s why you don’t ever down anyone without reloading.


It’s low but you don’t need to land a headshot to 3 shot just land all 3 pellets once and land 2 for the next two


I can’t tell if winning with 300 plus damage and getting three kills counts as me getting carried. Compared to my teammates I don’t do very well, they all have 1k plus damage and I’m sitting at a measly 300 to 600 damage almost every match. Considering I play wraith my all time kill count with her and performance in each match is very depressing. I think I had one match where I felt useful because I respawned my teammates, revived them and helped get them out of bad situations but failed in the damage dealing parts we still won though.


Guys I’m mad.
I’m playing my main man Caustic. I stick a wraith with an arc star resulting in a double kill, making my squad one of the last two alive. Just as we’re about to win, and I MEAN JUST.
My internet.


It is fate that your win rate will always be in the, toilet


Apex Crashes are Legendary


It was my INTERNET!


Apparently Apex still needs to work on their networking issues as well.


A online game isn’t a online game unless people instantly cry “The netcode is trash!” or “Cheating is everywhere!”, regardless of reality.


Pfff please, people complain about singleplayer games with loot boxes saying it’s P2W.


To be fair, the tests were well conducted and merely shows it needs work compared to other BR titles. People also mention that the game’s netcode isn’t an excuse for being a bad player but does explain the lag issues in-game or even unfair situations (ex. you get hit while being behind a wall).

This doesn’t off course excuse the people using this info as an excuse for their failures.


I’m not going to comment on the validity or not of these particular concerns, they may well be well founded (there certainly seems to be an issue when servers are initially fully populated as the video states, sometimes resulting in that weird slo-mo game that subsides after people have died/left), it’s just funny to me that online games can’t exist without people finding some excuse for why they’re losing that usually comes down to blaming cheating and netcode, regardless of how big those problems really are, and regardless of how much those problems actually had an affect on them anyway.


I am screaming. LMAO


That is one of the funniest things I’ve watched in a long time, thanks!