Apex Legends


Madame Wraith sure knows how to pick ‘em >.<
I must admit… He annoys me gameplay wise @_@

I also admit I don’t mind getting killed by him… he sounds pretty cool so yeah :’>


We share a common interest


Don’t be fooled. I’m a man of science.


That there is some hefty witch hunting lol.


ikr, its funny because they kept complaining “but muh rights” and “my freedom of speech” but luckily not everyone in that sub is a sheep. Pointing out I don’t think that word means what you think it means here.


Whole thing started cause a dude got to meet the devs, asked to be a mod on the subreddit they created and removed posts about hackers.

Which obviously means the devs have full control of the subreddit!


yups. i followed it. i find both people on shaky ground and shady tbh. now the other mods that have nothing to do with respawn/ea have to deal with all this drama after they merged with the sub that’s currently live.

the whole thing is like a messy reality show. :joy:


Meh all their proofs that he was shady were stupid.

Dude was just angry they removed his post so he started some drama.


yeah managing r/deadbydaylight i’m honestly baffled at how pissy people get when you remove their post despite explaining to them why the post was against the rules and that a community run forum or a privately ran one can imply whatever rules they like within reddits guidelines.

Screenshot_13 .


Communities can’t stop these waves of drama, it seems.


with the balance patch announced and the battlepass next week, it should keep the drama at bay for a couple weeks. :joy:


I am excited for Caustic buffs.


Oh yeah ugh they’re stepping in the right direction with the buffs. Small changes are nice.


As long as those changes come quickly. If it’s something really obnoxious it can be better to do a few big changes rather than let something negatively affect the game for months and months cough sunny cough


Where do I find the notes for the pre-patch or things they teased?


I’m having vientnam double slow flashbacks :eyes:


well Apex got a bit of new paint.


They have a pinned post on reddit. Too lazy to link right now.


It’s a really tiny set of changes, all told. They are a step in the right direction, but I think they show that the devs feel that people are making a bit too much out of the concerns about hitboxes. Not that they think the criticism is without warrant, but the changes outside of reshaping hitboxes (due I think when Season 1 starts?) are really fringe stuff outside of making sure that Caustic actually works in the environment he’s meant to work in!


Also, reddit continues to be a cesspit in the gaming community and it makes me feel dirty every time I have to go there for news and information on a game.