Apex Legends


I think that will just be Bangalore vs lifeline. That’s going to get boring.


I’m like 43 hours logged into this game now, there’s a fair few of those with me forgetting to quit out when I’m done, so maybe like 25-30 hours in game? I think that now I’m just about starting to get how to play. I think I’ve just entered beginner tier.


lol… I literally just took out three people by dancing my way through to melee kill them all right off the drop. Then with my slither of health remaining got pistol sniped by some opportunist that had come to see what the noise was about. So frustrating, I only stopped to pick up a gun! Favourite moment of the game so far though.


lol almost had a back to back win. t-t

sadly the lifeline made a badplay by fighting instead of rezzing. :frowning:


Ugh Evolve and Apex’s influence.


That’s a tough call every time. I’ve honestly lost more fights going for the rez than I have by just fighting it out.


understandable. the solo enemy was ways away, she would’ve been able to get me up before the enemy could push us if they wanted to because there was no cover for her to push the lineline too. i was also a wraith so more than likely would’ve been able to phase out to safely push the enemy.

sometime we just derp and make questionable choices, i wasn’t too mad in the end because i could’ve derped too. :rofl:



Does the game still crash regularly on pc?


I’ve played since launch and I don’t think I’ve ever crashed on PC


50 million players jesus


First, the gamers
Next, the world


I hope the 50 million crashes. :sob:


crashed on drop last thing i saw


2nd game… MVP of my squad.


So 3rd person camera confirmed?


She’s holding an invisible gun lol


Looks like r/apexlegends is having a slow news week. :tipping_hand_woman::smoking::dash:


Okay I’m dictating this so I’m sorry if the punctuation doesn’t come in. I wanted to research how people were cheating so I can look out for it.

I was immediately splashed with a YouTube video attached to the YouTube video were non virus link files for how to do all the hacking for free and it’s just disgusting. There prob is some sort of worm thought…

Still, this just is so deflating


I can safely say that Caustic is my man.
“Oh no TW’s going insane again”


Same. Bigger hitboxes be damned, I love more evil Kreiger.