Apex Legends


TBF Evolve was the first time it made me notice a system. But … chicken or the egg?


1st game… crash on drop…


I want this so badly. Knowing my luck with loot boxes I will never get this unless I pay hundreds of dollars or make hundreds of accounts.




I’m finally starting to do some decent damage in my games ugh.
Played with a brand new player today, baby sitting Gib is so cute.
The Ryu guy was the kill leader a couple of times.


Yesterday, on my second game… My team mates were in a real mess from a sniper on top of a building ( I was at the entrance when i noticed the gunfire… I had i think it was the hemlock… Lined up my sights… barely squeezed the trigger and took them out in 2 hits. (across 1/4 of the map) The gun i had was not a sniper but the bullets had like zero drop off.


Just watched a Mirage get bamboozled by his own decoy. That was something.


Haha, oh man… yes.


The comments of that reddit post were top notch humor.


Well I had two toxic teammates today. Separate games thankfully. The first guy rambled on about how I was trash because I let him have first picks on the loot he found. How am I supposed to know what loot they have, I’m not the type of teammate to steal things from people. He was actually decent and his ego wasn’t over the top. Completely understandable to, I didn’t even see any enemies because I still had iron sights on my gun so seeing them from afar and even shooting them from afar was very hard for me. The guy stopped talking shit when I started killing things and began to head his way to revive him. He wasn’t being too obnoxious about my terrible skills. He did want to use me as a decoy though because I was useless, which is funny considering I was the one reviving players and trying to keep everyone in the game while trying to be aggressive. Decoys can contribute to the team though so I wouldn’t have an issue being bait. The next guy had an ego the size of a planet. He went down first and wouldn’t stop nagging the lifeline to pick him up. The area clearly wasn’t safe and I was healling in a different part of the settlement. Then I found out it was a bloodhound that was hunting them. So even if she wanted to she would have most likely gone down in the process. The thing is, he wouldn’t have still been in the game if it weren’t for me and the lifeline. The lifeline died and my teammate decided it was such a great idea to attack the enemy even though we had no chance and had lifelines banner. He called me a bad teammate because I ran and tried to respawn lifeline for a higher chance of winning and for a better teammate that won’t eat me alive if I mess up . If it weren’t for me both of them would have never been revived and we all would have died in the first fight. I regret being a good teammate and reviving him. This is why I can’t play bloodhound in peace, my teammates will most likely start bitching about how I “didn’t help.” At least wraith can get her own toxic teammates eliminated with her ultimate. I get I have potato aim but someone being a higher in game level or higher kill count than me or anyone else doesn’t give them the excuse to talk shit about their own teammates. They can be the difference between winning and losing. Trash teammates don’t wait for their own ungrateful team to take the loot they want and then take the leftovers, trash teammates don’t go out of their way to revive the fallen teammates or try to respawn them. If I ditch someone and have no plans on coming back then it’s because they were being toxic and deserve nothing from your teammates. Turn into a little box while the enemy team loots their stuff for all I care.


I suggest muting them. Earrape is worse than no communication.


Possible leak of one of the new legends



Solo players would enjoy that one I imagine


So I’ve downed the second of a three squad, third person is nowhere to be seen but we know they’re near by. I revive one person and expect them to cover me while I revive our third. Nope. They ran off, to go and loot, and leave us to die. Perfect.


ffs i cant believe my squadmates. i told them not to fight the enemy and just to fucking run away into cover because we were getting sandwhiced by two enemy squads. got themselves killed, it wouldve been an easy win the two squads left had potato aim… ugh so frustrating!!!


Man I can’t wait for Jack Cooper to be a legend with his passive as wall running and his ability as double jumping and his ult as a smart pistol



Activating Stim!


ugh the squad system is really starting to get on my nerve. in a day to day situation having one person dc or crash can seriously muck up your chances unless you’re a super great at the game or you get potato enemas.


Robot legs. Lol

I’m not sure about that second ability. Maybe depends on how good that passive is.


I will only start playing this game when they add Solo mode, I have tried playing trio and nope, just like in Fortnite, I don’t like depeding on others or others depending on me.