Apex Legends


Febuary 25th… 2019… 0924 hundred hours.

We drop…
Game crashes.
current location?
Filling out paperwork.


So… Has Apex Legends spike Titanfall sales by chance? anybody paying attention?



it spiked the playercount for the second game. first one honestly should be f2p


Titanfall 1 isnt free yet? wow… that game was incredibly fun though.


Current player count has definitely gone up.




I assumed bloodhound would have been bigger than Bangalore. That’s surprising.


Apparently BH has a big ass head hitbox and lifeline has a disproportionately large leg hitbox


That explains why I suddenly die way less when I switch to Mirage. Lol


Who do you normally play as?


Caustic. I enjoy the traps and I can use them to good effect.


Yeah dudes a chunky monkey.

Wonder if they’ll end up giving the B I G B O I S an increase in health or find some other way of buffing them.


They need something. I do great as caustic up until I get too close. If I’m playing anyone else it wouldn’t matter but Caustic does seem to take more damage. I’m glad it’s not my imagination.


It’s probably most apparent with shotguns. Though even other weapons would have a much easier time consistently land hits.


ARs are pretty bad for him. I have found myself on too many occasions, going “what the hell did they shoot me with that dropped me so fast?” after just hearing brrrt noise.


I had the Havok yesterday. That thing shreds people at close range OMG



There are lots of games with pings.


tbf the location and object specific pinging is what mostly what people are talking about, and tbf evolve was the first game i noticed that took advantage of that. but apex really build on that.