Apex Legends


You seem to run into a lot of cheaters. You could start a business lol. “Cheat Busters inc.”


just a screen shot, well maybe I am just more observant ?


Lol, stupidest game of AL ever. Went in, they dropped us in hot, I got downed. No biggy, needed to be recovered. They proceeded to take ALL the loot from the respawn area so I had one gun with no extra ammo. Got ganked almost straight away. Died again. Respawned again and this time they left me a gun, but another team were right on top of us so I got downed again. Then a weird slow crawl to get in the ring ended because the final survivor eventually died.

They did real good too, as a team, good aim and killed a bunch of people without me. But man… what a waste of my time :stuck_out_tongue:


lol… dropping in hot can be challenging.

Out of curiosity has anyone else been affected by super slow motion where you cant run and the game has your character locked to the crawl speed even though standing? it happened to me and I think it was because the rescue on getting me on my feet got disrupted right at the end. So I was walking and shooting but couldn’t move faster then the crawl speed lol.


Weird. I’ve seen it happen to team members but supposedly the last patch fixed that.


I had it happen once. But only brie the last patch, and it was something to do with how I landed from the drop, weirdly.


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I really want to say I was the backbone of those team.


Where my Mirage mains at?


Kills does not always mean great contribution.


lol I am averaging about 200 damage dealt a game atm. was doing great last game (just 2 of us) and my team mate ran into the enemies.

word of advice… patience is key. <random advice btw)


Locked behind Legend Points


Did you get the free batch for downloading the game early on? It was how I got Mirage.


How early did you have to download for that? I’m pretty sure I downloaded and played day one and I didn’t get any such thing.


I think it was like, day two or something. Maybe it’s because I’m an EA access member or whatever? Strange thing is I don’t remember ever even signing up for that. Still says I get a 10% discount on everything though.


you know… I spent my extra on a gun skin…OOPS.
So at about level 23 I earned enough coins to grab one and I figured caustic was the underdog.

Welcome back again btw!


Nah, I DL’d the day it came out. I actually never heard about it until a Discord friend said he was playing it. Plus…I proudly play Pather every game


@Kathryn_James I was playing a sniper. I had the triple take with the choke mod and the 4-10x gold threat scope. That mod plus scope make that gun insane. You literally can’t hide from it.


Thank you, I’m gonna be gone the whole next week again because I’m gonna be out in the field lmao.


still havent won any games the last two days but im starting to get the hang of playing this game. idk why but i can’t aim to save my life in this game. its been almost a week andi still can’t aim worth jack. meanwhile playing titanfall 2 even when i jumped in two months in after release where everyone’s gotten better than me i got the hang of it in 3 days. sigh