Apex Legends


In that particular match, or altogether? Preferred weapon so far is probably the Hemlock. Good mix of range and rate of fire, damage is pretty good if you get some headshots in the burst.

The Devotion won me that match, with the Turbocharger.


Replying to Cpt and Chromatic

I like Heavy round weapons myself, especially that hand gun that uses it. From there I am looking for a reliable sniper / bolt action type rifle.


I really like the Eva 8, Peacekeeper and the R 301. Those guns are very easy to use and tend to go well with the legends I play. Hardly any aiming required with those shotguns, just jump around while shooting. Someone will most likely go down. It looks incredibly stupid but works on console at least.


oh lookie… ask and you shall recieve


My biggest issue is I want to aim down scopes… smh. thats a killer but I did do a sweet move like you menioned. I jumped off the building turned around and shot the peacekeeper and downed an enemy as I hit the ground running away.


Based on my last game my best gun is my melee. Dropped in and had to melee a mirage that took the gun before me, then three more for fights ended with me doing terrible damage and having to slide in and punch or kick for the kill. Insane game, 2nd over all, reckon we could have won it off the other two didn’t quit the moment they died.


R301; good for all ranges, ammo is common, familiar with handling it (played both Titanfall games), I can secure kills very easily with it
R97, I like my bullet hose but I wish it had the T2 levels of magazine size.
CAR, when it is added it will be great (unless it is nerfed like the Mozam)


If the r97 had TF2 mag size it would be an A tier gun for sure.

Havoc with turbo charger is beast mode.


Although the fact that you can use his grappling hook to pull an enemy towards you, at least that was real.


What part does something she doesn’t do in game? Those are her abilities just stylized in a more cinematic way.


not all of them… just enough of them. I would have to go back and watch it again to tell ya.


I rewatched it… The only thing odd she does is jump out of a fight without setting a portal but that is basically done for dramatic effect. While it doesn’t work quite that way, the ability is there in game.


All 4 of my kills were at the start. I rezzed them both because they went down and fought off the enemies. MDot went ham from there.


Jeez. Maybe that’s shrouds alt account or something lol.


haha, yesterday I played a game where I was with a person who had just great stats.

We dropped…
They took off to another area by themselves.
I get dropped the other guy is shoots off the others ignoring my tags.
Then, the guy far away noticing my tags not getting picked up when the other guy was just ignoring me while he looted.

Now my tags are in the possession of the guy who went rather far away at first… Now… he takes his time… I watch and he is just destroying people like a terminator cyborg and I was thinking to myself… There is no way he is that accurate and knows where everyone is with that type of accuracy.

So I thought he might be cheating in some way… Then… I saw it… When he was waiting… if his guy would suspectfully turn to face a wall he would start jittering back and fourth as if to disguise the autolock…

He continued this odd motion each time he locked on either a player or a loot box.

I was sure he was cheating at this point and he knew I was watching him. But they are recovering my tags… I load in… I drop… No weapons around, team doesn’t leave any and then all of the sudden The guy who revived me starts just ripping into me because of skill level. I wanted to say “well at least its my skill” but instead I said. “or maybe Im trying to learn how to play these games so you can stfu” then i alt f4 and reported him for cheating.


I had my first game where my teammates accused me of “stealing” their loot yet I had the best stats (which is kind of sad considering the fact that I suck at the game and still in the learning process) and could actually fight. We spent the whole game running for our lives even though one of us had blue shields and a spitfire that I found and gave to them. I would wait a minute for them to decide whether or not they wanted it if they didn’t want it then I claimed it. Literally would wait that long for them to make up their minds. I was the only one who could get them out of a pinch with portals but decided to watch them fail and wasted my ultimate everytime I got it. Now that I think about it I should have just placed a portal on the edge of a cliff and watch them take the portal only to fall off a cliff. That would have been much more satisfying I mean they are the superior player even though they didn’t put their weapons to use and ran for the whole match until we encountered people with purple shields and gold shields. Still a fun match, just wish I placed a portal on the edge of a cliff just to piss them off they were toxic first.

They were overall being asses complaining for most of the match, then said they didn’t want to risk it yet ran up and died then complained.


Perfectly describes my accuracy with this weapon

Oh…and I’m forever calling him Pather now

I accept you into this genre of the gaming world. Get your nose out of that weird “Monster Hunter” world :stuck_out_tongue:

Wingman/Eva: The wingman is great for its power and no damage falloff (Love being able to do 90s for 100m away)

I haven’t found it yet but I think I might like the Hemlok: Burst weapons seem really good for a player with great accuracy | R301 has been kind to me as well.

Just depending on what I find those are my choices. For a pickup I’d always choose, that would be Wingman and R301


I can’t think of a good comeback atm so imma just say no.


This reminds me…pay attention to you notifications real quick


Always report cheaters. Hope you had video footage to send with the report.