Apex Legends


Bangalore is the bets beginner legend


I’ve been running almost all Lifeline, with a bit of Bloodhound when I get out-picked. I think lifeline is a great starter hero because, primarily, of her speedy self-medication. She’s pretty good at just getting back up to full health for herself. @BearStream is right though, Bangalore is one you seemingly can’t go too wrong with.

As for when to use her Ult… now I’m not expert but here are some of the times I use it…

  1. When we are 100% out of luck when it comes to equipment. Maybe we got dropped in a shitty place, maybe we just got unlucky, but sometimes you just have to hit the ult and get a bit of extra gear to stay competitive. This isn’t usually the way to use it though…
  2. After a ring has finished moving, and you’ve come to the new ring from outside. You can scope to make sure no-one is coming in behind you, you can take a good position, and you can ensure people aren’t nearby before dropping it. People will be alerted to where you are, but you will control much more how they can come at you.
  3. As a fake. I actually think as time goes on this might be one of the best ways to use the Ult. If you can push to a location (especially with Wraith) to drop the Ult and then use it as bait… you won’t always catch fish but if it makes people poke their head out, especially in the late game, then it can be really effective.
  4. In a fire fight where you don’t have great cover. In one game I survived entirely because I brought down an Ult (by accident mind you) and could then use it as cover to heal up quickly.
  5. If you’ve just respawned your team, it helps you all get back on your feet as a squad.

3 and 4 might result in another team stealing gear, but if you’re playing it right the fact that they want to steal gear will work in your favour.

The only time that I try to ensure I don’t use the Ult is if we are in the middle of a circle already, especially if the squad is trying to sweep through somewhat methodically. I think if you bring the ult down when you’ve been inside the ring, especially if the old ring is closing or will start to close soon, then you’re just painting a target on your back.

This is probably mediocre advice, but it’s what I’m feeling for now!


I use her ult every chance I can. As long as the coast is clear.


all of them, they all have the same stats its just abilities that separate them.

I have found I like Pathfinder to get into areas faster and setup escape routes for my team…

Then Lifeline, I like her because I am usually playing with a bunch of greedy players… i.e. I open a chest they bolt across run by and grab all loot. Plus I like to have a sniper rifle with her, set down a drop pod and use it as bait.

Bloodhound is fun because if you perform better with knowing where the enemy is Bloodhounds Q does a quick scan of the area and highlights hidden closeby enemies and his ult is super fast mode mixed with a way better version of the Q. Extra Benefit with Bloodhound is it is easier to search dead zone areas with him then ult to run out fast.

If you are in a comp that will play defensively, caustic works well in many areas for protection and traps. So caustic works great with teams of patience.

Tank guy… ewe… sorry I tried him once and didnt care for him.

Wraith, She is really a fun hero if you are good at 1v1 situations or if you need to save a teammate, save your ult… Get to them via ult, then wraith form, heal escape out wraith warp zone.

Wraith could be really strong flanking team.

Banglador, has a smoke screen… and a rather tame bomb drop. (leave the bomb dropping to the tank guy) Her main adv is… if you get hit… you get a burst of speed. thats about it.


Gibraltar has what I think may be the strongest ultimate in the game.

You don’t have to get hit for Bangalores speed boost by the way if some one is shooting on your direction you get it.


I think you may be underestimating the power of her smokescreen. It’s ridiculously useful for confusing enemy teams, getting off sneaky revives, or covering escapes. I consider it one of the best active abilities in the game.


Naw man save her ult for combat it’s s one shot if you land it.


Just going to say now that I feel Pathfinder isn’t that good as a starter hero. Mostly due to his abilities needing good mechanic knowledge to be used effectively.
Also Caustic has to be unlocked soooo


That’s such a low chance though… Lol


.1% of the time it works every time.


First game after logging on:
Gets killed on the drop ship with no weapons. Lasted little more than 3 minutes.

Second game:
Gets in fist fight against a guy with a pistol, self heals. Tries picking up pistol, but no response for whatever reason. Dies.

Logs off.


GLHF GG! to busy trying to prevent cheaters to make the game work for the majority… yay


Whats going on with cheaters?


My brother forced me to play it. I know it’s weird but I was nervous to play in front of him for some reason and I kept putting it off until he came into my room and told me he wasn’t leaving until I played at least a couple rounds. Of course I wasn’t playing good cause I was nervous but from what I did play I did enjoy.


Cheaters, there was already a massive ban wave. But it is the typical stuff, lock on, auto shoot when your mouse scrolls over a person stuff like…


Say no more? >.<


I was the last person vs and unknown number of assailants. I have masked my path and I lay a drop for bait…

Quickly I drop the payload, run the opposite direction… hills to the right should give me the opposite side I need for my shots.

huff puff… I run and am off… Cleverly trying to pull around to take the final shots.

Gert… last level mist kills me in a matter of moments and I silently vanish taking 2nd with me.


Got my second win, this time as the Kill Leader and getting the last kill. Proud of this one.


Weapons of choice and why?


After last night, at close range I’m going to have to pick the prowler. The recoil is awful with out the select fire mod but if you hit all five bullets it wrecks people.

My team of randos got into a massive firefight where were hold up in a building and waves of other teams just kept showing up. I killed 8 dudes by myself with the prowler. Thankfully the enemies kept me supplied with heavy ammo.

We eventually died as we couldn’t loot supplies fast enough to heal up between fights. Absolutely insane game.