Apex Legends


Keep in mind shields, healing, and also you can damage someone a bit before someone else kills them or they kill you.


She has 2 Kills and 126 Damage

The lowest point of anyone’s health is 100. That explains 1 kill
However killing someone with 26 Damage is very weak and means she stole somebody’s kill. Whether it was an enemies kill or an allies


That’s assuming the 100 was total on one person? She could have the majority of damage with 63 on both?

It doesn’t necessarily mean she stole someone’s kill.


I’m missing something, what’ve any of the stats got to do with accuracy? I feel that a piece of the puzzle is probably sitting here in front of me but I can’t see it :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re accurate you’re more likely to kill someone before they get a chance to heal?

It’s kinda like how having super high damage done in evolve wasn’t a sign of you being a good assault. It meant the match dragged on too long and you did a bunch of armour damage


I was intrigued, so I checked the game out. It crashes a lot and I seem to have a weird FPS drop at times, but other than that it was pretty fun.

Now let’s see if I will get addicted or remain a sad Evolveholic :>


The ammo economy confuses me in this game. What kind of ammo do rifles typically use? Also, what weapon attachments are good for what guns? Also, how do you ping for more ammo?


The R301 uses Light Rounds while the Hemlok and Flatline use Heavy Rounds.
Pretty much if you can use an attachment, use it. Scopes are up to personal preference but any attachment that fits your gun (it will tell you if it does) will only benefit you.
If you need to tell your teammates that you need more ammp go to your inventory and the ping the ammo icon on your weapons.


The point is surviving and winning. Doesn’t matter who gets the final kill.

I’ve got the last shot on a few people now. I don’t feel about it. I’m not trying to kill snipe or anything. The more people shoot at one target the quicker they go down. That’s just good time management and better for personal safety.


Just advertising myself again:
Xbox GT is J3ffXbox for those interested.


Wraith is so fun, her panic button is pretty helpful. Very versatile and can help her team with the ultimate. Of course it’s a bit discouraging to main her due to the fact everybody wants to play the dark edge lord and is most likely more competent than me because I’m still trying to learn her.


Got my first bit of hate today. Guy dropped us off at one of the military bunker areas, the one built into the side of the mountain. I immediately got ganked by a Lifeline with a gun as a bunch of people landed before us. Basically died instantly.

My two team mates started calling me a bunch of names that I shouldn’t say here. Telling me how bad of a player I am even though there was literally nothing I could do.

Its okay though. They got mowed down like 30 seconds after talking shit about me. lol


Yeah it’s unfortunate when that happens, especially in a game designed where people are going to get ganked early and so can quickly get out and into another game! Haters gonna hate.


Just like Apex legends almost revived the titanfall 2 community. I think if the Evolve property was used to make a new and good game, i think Evolve itself might get a bit of life back.




Right, how many times do people drop right in all the heat and plan to survive?

I think the subconscious ideology is…
Get in, if we die… we start up again real quick.

Where I am I like to land away from everyone and scavange an area by ourselves and get into a rhythm …

It wasn’t until a day or so ago that I decided to say… f.it if they are going to land with everyone else… Ill do my b… gert… dead. restart game.

that all aside… I found my favorite skin so far.


This was a very cool cinematic trailer


Don’t like this trailer.

Wraith doesn’t do that in game and now I want a sabre of light to play with as well.

In fact all of them are doing things in the trailer you can’t do in game. I.e. Pathfinder landing on someone.


I want whatever gun Pathfinder was using in the flashback


What do y’all recommend as a good starter hero? I ran lifeline my first two games yesterday since she seemed pretty basic.

I do have one question though, when is a good time to use her ult?