Apex Legends


A new game from Respawn in the Titanfall universe, a Triple A Battle Royale game is here. Some new additions to the BR formula like it having only 3 player squads available to play and 60 player matches, the ability to respawn if your teammates win a firefight (picking up a card off your body and taking it to a respawn station), and class based characters. It is free and available today, cosmetic only microtransactions (like Titanfall 2 and a bit like Evolve). I say give it a shot, I’ll be playing it off and on again today and tomorrow so if anyone one PC wants to squad up with me then just @ me.


I heard they got rid of wall running. Is this true?


Yes, mostly because it’s not a Titanfall game (hopefully we get 3 soon).
No titans and no wall running.


Sadly they confirmed its not even in development. No clue when or even if it will be.


Yeah from what i read it was in development but they decided to make this game and wait to make the 3rd game for when they can sue a new engine (and presumably on new consoles).
We’ll see, apparently stuff like double jumping and wall running was in Apex for a long time but was taken out because it would cause confusion in keeping track of people, aka making it easier for people.
Hopefully we see it brought back in or at least an event.


I seriously hope it makes a come back. At the very least the wall running.

Game is fairly fun over all so far.




Oh no… Well I’ll take it as a glass half full approach I supposed. More time for me to get the funds for it and more time for Respawn to come up with good Titan and Pilot ideas. As well as a stronger idea on how they will make the mp maps. The titanfall 2 maps were largely uninspiring to in, it felt too arena-y when the first game felt very atmospheric and lively.


Based on what I read Titanfall 3 isnt canned per se, just not what’s happening. They had it working but it was rushed to not feel dated on the engine.

Tf3 will be on a new engine sometime in the future. Hopefully this game gives them the funds to keep going.


Pretty much sums it up? Do you play on PC by chance?


My pc is pure potato power. I play on PS4 sadly.


I am happy for this… I really like the feel of Respawn games and it looks like they pulled the guns from Titanfall as well. I like that, it will be familiar but not too familiar.

Not Titanfall 3, but I dont blame them… F2P seems to be the cash cow in gaming oddly enough.


I like it because there is no building, played a couple games. and already people are grouping pretty well.


Wow, never thought I’d enjoy a battle royale game nearly as much as I’m enjoying this right now.


Yeah, I tried a couple different BR games and I always wanted to like them but didn’t. Hated Fortnite, Pubg was boring. This game is surprisingly fun.


Fantastic time playing this tonight. I’ve put over 100+ into fortnite and blackout, by far my favourite experience already.

Racked up our first four wins, and already can see how different characters can synergize.

Another nice thing is a map load in screen, which could be a big hint at the idea of more maps.

I hope they properly support and continue to develop this game, as I look forward to its future!


I’m really liking Gibraltar and the new shotgun, the peacemaker (I think that’s the name).

Just walking into a room with that shotgun and your shield up and people start running like cockroaches. Lol


I really hope some of these new guns make it into the next Titanfall game.
I could see the Peacemaker and Prowler being good additions to the sandbox


I enjoy the team drops, that makes it so much easier.


I had 3 separate drops today where people dropped separately and then cussed me out for not reviving them when they died on the other side of the country.


I had one drop where we going to land on a supply ship, but where the lead dropped I went falling off the side.
I am now on the ground, and my teammates are both downed up on the ship, both dying on the ship so the boxes float in the air.
Yeah I was alone that match.