Anyway to see how many hours played in steam?


With the game no longer in your steam inventory you can’t see the hours played. I noticed the steam reviews of Evolve and of course it says the number of hours played so I thought I would post a review and it would then show the hours. That didn’t pan out because I can’t review a game that is not yet released.
I have tried some of the websites that look at your steam id and then give you a nice pie chart of information but the one that looked like it would be just what I’m after is currently being developed.

Does anyone know any workarounds? I’m simply curious how many hours I put in to the alpha.


If you have purchased the game on Steam, it shows in your library, so you can see the hours there. That’s the only way I know of, I’m afraid.


I’ve purchased it from elsewhere so don’t have that option alas


Mine says it on the store page just above the review box? Does that come up for you?


Nope. If it was in my steam library I would get that as it’s there for TF2.


I know the information is there but I can’t find a way to access it. I have checked all the usual tricks but it seems because the steam release flag was changed to “prerelease” after the big alpha that the databases does recognise it. Even doing a check of it in my own account (I pre-ordered through steam) it does not come up through external database checking sites.

Unless some one knows the steam stats API I suspect the only way to find out is ask steam support, who probably wont tell you since they will think its a waste of time.

Hopefully other people have some ideas, good luck!


The thought of contacting steam did very briefly enter my head but then I realised that it would come across as a bit of a sad request and more so it would be wasting their time.

Guess I’ll just have to wait till February when they key activates