Anyway to disable HUD?


So I has an idea I was wanting to try out with some friends, basically disable the HUD, so that when hunting the monster’s we actually have to rely on birds flying, broken tree’s, sounds, etc. rather than the pop ups - if the monster evolves there would be nothing to tell you other than it’s roar - kinda like a Hardcore mode for the game!

So is there a way to change the HUD opacity or something? Cause I can’t find a thing - and preferably don’t want to go into the game files and mess around with it unless its the only way.

Ironic that I want to make it harder to find the monster, but I can’t find a way to disable HUD…


That sounds like it could be fun.
I’ve got the opposite problem.
I’m blind as a bat, anyway to make the HUD larger?
It took me forever to find out that little gray circle was a Compass!


…what little grey circle??



EXACTLY! It in the lower right.
Under your Weapon Circle to the left.
It has a little North and everything on it, but it’s so Tiny!


haha had no idea!

still would be nice for a hardcore mode / HUD customisation!


I only recently realized the compass there as well.

Most people don’t know about the stamina meter as a monster either (the 3 red bars under your reticle)


still would be nice to be able to modify it though