Anyway I could get a small thing clarified?


I have the PC Gamer preview and there’s a sentence in there that is nagging at me; “while the last plays the monster, which will be different on each map. On Forest Ruin it’s the Goliath,”

Now this would imply that each monster is going to be chosen by map, rather than player choice.

Is this correct or is monster selection independent of the map?

Personally I’m hopeful that this is PC Gamer’s mistake but since we don’t yet know the extent of how unique each monster will be, maybe the maps need to be specially crafted for each monster? I would prefer to be able to play Goliath on multiple maps. It’s not a HUGE deal if we can’t, but it would be preferable to avoid the inevitable “I want to play Goliath but nobody wants to do this map for the 100th time” or something like that. Because I will be playing this game that much, regardless of Turtle Rock’s decision here. :wink:

I think I saw a post on environments in this forum before and it didn’t quite address this specific question. Can’t remember quite which one it was.


It’s a mistake on their behalf, all monsters can be played on any map


Yeah its their mistakes @Plaff is right about it :wink:


Awesome, thanks!

I mean, I kind of figured it was a mistake but I just wanted to 100%.